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Discovering the element that slows down aging: the way it works is amazing

Discovering the element that slows down aging: the way it works is amazing

Some researchers have discovered an ingredient that slows down aging. Let's find out together what it is.

The ingredient stops aging –

For many people, anti-aging is a matter of beauty, for others it is a matter of health. Both groups will be happy to know that researchers have recently discovered an ingredient that slows down aging. This explains where it is located and how it works.

An ingredient that slows down aging incredibly

Scientists at the University of California, Riverside, conducted an in-depth study that could have major implications for scientific research, focusing on… A discovery related to plant protein It is located within the Golgi apparatus of plants. This organelle, known to play a crucial role in the complex cells of plants and animals, has been the focus of researchers' interest Regarding cellular aging processes and potential treatment of some diseases.

The protein in question, called COG, has been shown to be essential for… Cell survival in stressful situations. This is confirmed by previous studies that shed light on malfunctions in the human COG complex and its impact on life processes. However, the new study conducted by the team led by Hyesung Choi and his assistant Katie Dehesch led to a deeper understanding of the role of this protein by observing the behavior of cells of the Arabidopsis thaliana plant, known as “cress”. In response to different types of environmental stressessuch as lack of light or infections.


The results of the study showed that COG plays a crucial role in increasing plant resistance Improving the chances of cell survival In stressful situations. In particular, the response of COG to environmental stress has been shown to differ compared to natural conditions, highlighting the importance of this protein in stress management and cellular aging.

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Benefit of studying

This study not only contributed to a greater understanding of the internal mechanisms of plants; Expanded perspectives in anti-aging research for humans. The knowledge gained about COG work can be eye-opening New frontiers in human biomedical researchThis provides potential opportunities to develop targeted therapies to slow aging and treat related diseases.

The research team plans to delve deeper into this topic through future research, with the aim of gaining a more detailed understanding of the role of COG and its effects on human health.