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Disallowed goal and that penalty that not everyone gives

Disallowed goal and that penalty that not everyone gives

Forty-one years old in September, a construction engineer, ruling since 2003, was Piccinini A somewhat surprising choice by Rocky Udinese-Inter, a first-class match that concluded the Italian League round on Monday evening. Let's see how the Forlé whistle performed in the Dacia Arena.

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Piccinini's history with Udinese and Inter

In total, the previous matches against the Bianconeri witnessed 4 draws, 2 wins and 2 defeats. He played 3 previous matches with Inter, with two wins and a draw in 2020 against Parma. The first and only episode of this season returns to A big win for Inzaghi’s boys, 4-0 In Salernitana last February.

The referee warned 3 players

With the help of assistants Vivenzi and Cecconi, Baroni plays the role of IV Man. Farr entrusted Sera And Aureliano as AVar, the referee booked three players, two of them from Inzaghi’s team, and both were booked: Pereira (U), Pavard (I), Martinez (I). Extra time: First half 3' Second half 7'

Udinese-Inter, slow-motion situations

These are questionable episodes. In the 10th minute, contact between Demarco and Ehizibo in the Udinese penalty area: the push to point to the penalty kick was too light, well done Piccinini. A minute later, the VAR checked a handball from Pigol in the next corner. The arm is attached to the body, you can continue. In the 48th minute, Carlos Augusto's goal was disallowed due to Lautaro's header being offside. The VAR check also examined Christensen's handball on Toro's pass: The arm was considered to be in a normal position Compared to the body of a Udinese player while offside. In the 54th minute, there was a late intervention with a high catch from Okoy on Thuram. For Piccinini there is no doubt: a short VAR check confirms the match director's decision, it's a penalty.

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For Marelli, Piccinini's decisions were correct

Luca Marelli explains this. Dazn's expert starts from the disallowed goal: “A very complicated check, in fact there was a touch of Christensen's arm with his right arm, which was very close to the body and in a natural position. Then there was an offside situation for Carlos Augusto, who was at least offside with his left leg.” Marrelli also promotes the referee for the penalty kick: “Ciovi also said that Okoye’s exit was hasty, but today there was The difference with other cases: The Udinese goalkeeper never sees the ball. This is one of those penalties that are assessed on the pitch, if Piccinini doesn't blow the whistle, VAR doesn't intervene.

Thuram jumps from the start and Okoye goes at him: force is not worth VAR, it's a penalty that still fits because Okoye never sees the ball. Luca Marelli's opinion does not agree with former striker Luca Toni, who clarified his point of view from the “Supertele” studies: “In my opinion There is a little confusion. Sometimes penalties are granted, sometimes they are not. We talked about the Florence match with Nzola Sommer, the Milk match, the Lecce-Roma match with Zalewski… Different decisions were made compared to the Udinese-Inter match.”

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