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Digital ground stop using old decoders |  How to access all channels without problems

Digital ground stop using old decoders | How to access all channels without problems

Not everyone knows this handy trick to access all digital terrestrial channels quickly and easily.

Digital Earth is an outdated concept for many people, since it is really rare nowadays to see TVs that only work via an external device to connect to the TV. For several years now, TVs no longer need a 'box', but have a direct built-in 'DTV' signal which is able to pick up all free channels depending on the characteristics of the antenna signal.

Despite this, the technical problems that can occur to TVs have not disappeared, in fact they still exist and not everyone knows how to solve them quickly and easily. This can still happen, even with the latest smart TVs. Not being able to see a channel or series of channels to allocate the signal: An annoying problem that not everyone can solve in a jiffy.

The absence of a signal can be caused by multiple problems and we are not necessarily talking about errors or technical problems that can only be solved by experts: sometimes the solution is just around the corner, but we do not know how to act for fear of making the situation worse or because you are a little distracted. Out of anger and disappointment at not being able to watch your favorite show.

No indication: What factors can cause this most often

The absence of a signal, as we mentioned, can be caused by many different factors and not necessarily errors and technical problems that are difficult to solve: Most often, a channel or series of channels on a particular frequency is blocked due to bad weather Which can interfere with the antenna signal, in these cases you have to hope that strong winds or rain will pass quickly or strengthen the signal.

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If the weather is sunny and clear, but the signal still doesn't work, the frequency is probably not the right one. To improve service, television broadcasters sometimes move the frequency of channels and Invite users to reset their TVs or digital terrestrial set-top boxes to continue watching: To do this, simply use the remote control, access the settings in the menu, go to “Signal” and start the automatic channel tuning which may take a few minutes.

The remote control points to the TV

If tuning the TV channels isn't the right solution either, Then you can try to extend the digital terrestrial signal with external equipment: In this way it will be possible to access even distant frequencies that the device normally cannot reach and it will be able to see practically all the free channels on the TV.

How to boost digital terrestrial signal easily

Strengthen your digital terrestrial set-top box or TV signal You need to buy speakers Which can be found in various electronics stores and more easily online on the main e-commerce sites: no expensive tools are needed, but the cheapest and at the same time useful for the case are priced between 20 euros and 25 euros.

These amplifiers can be placed next to the TV or halfway between the TV and the antenna to make the signal stronger: in this way it will also be possible to reach new channels and new TV stations that might have previously been excluded due to the fact that the signal was too weak to reach such Frequencies.

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Obviously, if the problem persists even when using the speakers, there is probably some defect in the antenna wire which in this case must be replaced or directly contacted by an expert to avoid the risk of worsening the situation and having to buy a new TV.