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Nintendo Switch 2 in production? There is evidence, according to reporter Zenji Nishikawa –

Nintendo Switch 2 can be close to Produce: According to what was reported by the Japanese journalist Zenji Nishikawasome clues They point strictly in this direction, and therefore there is a possibility that the new console will be officially announced during the year 2023.

In fact, Nishikawa is not the only one who thinks something is moving at Nintendo: a few days ago the well-known Tom Henderson leaked a Switch 2 among the 2023 announcements, although for the moment it is only speculation.

There you have it: the Japanese journalist says he has learned that a senior figure from an American semiconductor company, whose components have been used in the past by Nintendo, is making a private trip to Japan, a country he has rarely visited.

Well, Nishikawa claims that a similar situation has happened in the past, precisely when Nintendo launched a new console, and this time too it could be the real reason to visit… unless tourism is pure and simple.

In short, those expressed by the Japanese journalist are only sensations of the moment: we will find out in the coming weeks and months if something is really moving on the front of Nintendo Switch 2 or if we will have to wait to see the next console from the house of Kyoto.

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