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Demand record from foreign investors

Demand record from foreign investors


It doesn't stop there The race is on the Italian BTPs It's in a month He walks they have Broke a new European order record. It was developed by the Treasury Department 5 billion euros On BTP linked to European inflation and allocated to institutional investors, Vs An incredible request of $41 billion: Highest trading volume ever for a stock listed in Europe. In addition to, More than 70% of the demand came from foreign funds. It is not an isolated case.

In January, in fact, the auction got two BTPs over one The demand is 155 billion euros: Unprecedented numbers, impossible to imagine even just two years ago, when he was Prime Minister Mario Draghi But there was great fear that ending the ECB's purchase of public debt would put pressure on bond deposits and the Italian bond spread.

However, today the spread between Italian BTP bonds and German bonds is 138 points; It even arrived in mid-March to i 116 points According to experts, it will decrease Less than 100 basis points In the coming months, he denies all the prophecies of doom for the Italian economy and public finances that a large part of the political and journalistic world feared with the electoral victory achieved by Italy. Georgia Meloni NileFall 2022. The doomsday scenarios did not happen. On the contrary, the stability and prescriptions of the new government brought foreign investors back to Italy. In just one year, their share of debt rose to 27.6%Up to an additional 51 billion euros.

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Italian debt is no longer seen as a worry, because there is a problem Growing confidence in our country. Italian families and investors are also investing more ptpWhich helps stabilize debt: In the last 10 months, Italians have increased their exposure to national debt by more than €120 billion, bringing the total share of BTP bonds to 13,4%. The international geopolitical situation with A Germania In the face of a severe crisis and increasing weakness in the continental economy, Italy is seen as the favorite candidate for new European leadership. Political stability is crucial: Meloni governmentwho held office for a year and a half, did not change a single minister in the same period in which the previous four governments changed the prime minister.

Excellent job on Pnrr (Here too there were those who feared a catastrophe, and instead Italy is the best country in Europe in terms of progress of work and expenses) Some economists are even allowed to talk about “A new Italian miracle“, thanks to the country's surprising growth rate compared to other major European countries, all of which are experiencing difficulties, and the extraordinary ability to adapt and renew the industrial sector. Italy's GDP has been steadily higher than that of other G7 countries for two years, and investments Public infrastructure in the southern regions (above all Bridge over the strait) will only be able to accelerate this positive trend.

Georgia Meloni
Georgia MeloniGeorgia Meloni
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