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Japan beats USA, second Dutch win - OA Sport

Japan beats USA, second Dutch win – OA Sport

The second day of Harlem Baseball Week 2022 is on file. Two matches, plus a gentleman’s level, were played today, and the diamond afternoon to which it was devoted really lit up. Pim Mulier. But let’s see what happened today.

The program opened a lot of racing, a lot of balance between the United States and Japan. Extra innings were needed to settle the score as neither team scored in the first. Not only that: No one can send any runners to third base. Going beyond regular shooting, the Americans put Morgan second and Ahuna first, but the point doesn’t come through. Instead the Japanese team does this: Tsujimoto advances to third base on the ball, then takes Hayashi’s single to left to end the standoff.

Baseball: Italy defeated in its first match at Harlem Week 2022. Holland wins by measure

However, between the Netherlands and Cuba, the situation is much clearer. Bernadina scored immediately, but Lhasa’s single in the second inning was able to send Cepeda home, tying the score. The tie would remain until the sixth inning, when Proffer smacked a single into third base, allowing Balentien to make it 2-1. Bernadina’s last word, however: big ball to deep right, home run, 3 RBI and shutout accounts.

Italy will be back in action tomorrow against the US selection in the afternoon. It’s Curacao-Holland’s turn, then the decision will be handed to Cuba-Japan.

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