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Easter and Easter Monday, sun or rain? The trend is now more reliable. Latest Updates »

Weather: Easter and Easter Monday, sun or rain? The trend is now more reliable. Latest updates

The latest news about EasterEaster and Easter Monday with sun or rain?

To begin to answer this question, we must finally rely Updates For the medium and long term, its trend is now increasingly credible.
Thanks Scientific progress One of these long-term trends The perfect tool for weather forecasting It allows us to see Temperature and precipitation General level expectations.

There Statistics and Climate History This confirms that April is the most turbulent period in our country, and may be due to the extreme atmospheric variation that characterizes these weeks of spring, which are always characterized by sudden changes in the weather.

The forecasts for the next few weeks go precisely in this sense: we will pass many times From an unusual and premature heat, Sometimes with a summer look, Late cold, Like winter; But there will be hail and thunderstorms from the sun: All within a few days.

Attention, Nothing strange is the real face of spring. But as the trend of recent years has shifted towards a progressive warming we are probably no longer accustomed to it. From winter to summerThis year, apart from the usual vibrancy of the flower season, it can show itself in all its wonderful features.

And then i The claims of popular wisdom Helps to “predict” the weather at specific times of the year. For example, the classic is widespread throughout Italy: “Rain on the palms, sun on the eggs“We can safely generalize that the palm and Easter climatic conditions will be different,” he said.

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In fact, the latest weather forecast for the next two Sundays is starting to feel unpredictable.
There Palm Sunday (April 10) It will probably be unpredictable, at least in one part of Italy, more than a definite risk Strong thunder showers.
Absolutely the opposite, just With Easter (April 17)It seems more and more possible Expansion and reinforcement of a Large high pressure area In Central-Southern Europe, it is also supported by the hot currents of North African extraction.
If this is confirmed, it’s time Easter And Easter Monday Much of Italy will be stable, with temperatures rising significantly, making it easier than average for a given period of time, especially in the north and part of the center, to configure what could be The first real heat wave. Slightly different talk in the south could ruin the entry plans for the descent from Russia, and more The first storms of the season.

Palm trees in the rain, Easter in the sun? This year’s tradition can be truly respected. All that remains to confirm (or deny) is to follow our next updates.

New updates for Easter and Easter Monday: More pressure on reinforcement?New updates for Easter and Easter Monday: More pressure on reinforcement?