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December, January, February, Italy trend offered by ACCUWEAther. Details

Weather: December, January, February, Italy’s trend published by Axweather offers thrills. details

Rain and snowfall next winter 2021-2022, exceptional

Winter extension of ACCUWEAther Due to the immediate and widely expected occurrence of Nina in the Pacific Ocean, with the harmonious cooling of seawater, the winter climate on the old continent may experience real upheavals: Confirmation From the official weather center Aqueduct, Who recently published a map that will give you heartburn.

Once unreliable, long-term forecasts, even seasonal forecasts, have become more and more reliable each year.

From the graphic expansion, the real frost with clear snowfall will be pushed only to Eastern Europe, with a prolonged dry winter in Germany and a very lively and windy Atlantic weather attacking France. Trend brings thrills on the Mediterranean and the Balkans.

The American Computer Center keeps us safe Winter can flood our beds and ItalyTherefore, not only in autumn, this type of event is usually the most frequent occurring season. Between December 2021 and January-February 2022, irregularly disturbed passages may affect the peninsula, but true Mediterranean hurricanes may be due to bluviometric surplus: apparently the greater contribution of rainfall will be translated Exceptional snowfalls In our mountains.

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