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Czech Republic Babies first but not the majority – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – PRAGUE, Oct 9 – Prime Minister Andrej Babis won elections in the Czech Republic, but a majority in parliament was won by the two coalitions that challenged him. His populist party received 28.4% of the vote, but had no partner with whom to form a government, other than the Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) extremists who came in fourth with 10%.

With 85% of the votes counted, the Social Democrats (Cssd), Papis’ ex-partner in the minority government, and the Communists (Kscm) who served him as outside support, did not cross the 5% threshold. Instead, Spolo’s coalition of three (together) formed by the Civic Democrats, the Top Ninety and the Christian Democrats, which came in at 26%, should find many points in common with the Liberal Social Coalition of Pirates, Mayors and Independents, which came in third with 14 ., 7%. Together, these five parties will be able to obtain a majority of 101 out of 200 seats in Parliament. Voter turnout was 64.7%. (Dealing).

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