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Ppi Albenga, Toti: “Agreement with GPs. Outpatient clinic open daily for 12 hours”

Liguria. Agreement reached between Liguria and Alisa with general practitioners forOpening of the first aid clinic on a 12-hour trial basis For low intensity help in Hospital Santa Maria de Misericordia in Albinga, with direct primary care use and continuity of care for physicians affiliated with the regional health service.

We worked for Avoid closing this strategic position as we have maintained the commitment we made – Confirms Health Adviser and President of the Liguria Region Giovanni Totti – In awareness of the importance of the activity carried out by this hospital for the region. This agreement is the first of its kind at the national level: it is a very important challenge, a change in the system – emphasizes Totti – in anticipation of the organization of assistance in the territory based on the community hospital and community homes that play an essential role for the general practitioners to manage the emergency part of the continuity of care, according to the standards laid down On them in the NRP: The pilot system that will be tested in Albenga will then be expanded to other community hospitals in Liguria.”

The outpatient clinic, which is the reference unit of regional assistance to citizens, mainly guarantees the filtering function in relation to hospital emergency rooms, with the care of patients with low-complexity outpatient diseases and other patients, according to protocols shared with the emergency department of ASL2 Savonese. Patient access through the emergency and urgency system was excluded (118).

As for the organization, it will be the clinic Open every day 12 hoursProviding patient management and responsibility for laboratory analysis, diagnostic imaging, current specialist consultations, transportation to another hospital for patients requiring transportation, nursing staff, IT equipment, and support staff. The clinic follows the administration of the district from the organizational point of view and the medical management of the hospital unit from the point of view of health and hygiene.

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Only primary care physicians participating in the project have a single agreement or are associated with Asl2. Participation is voluntary and should not prejudice the traditional, regular activity of the concerned physicians towards their clients. The agreement provides for a trial period equal to 12 months, which can be extended in any case until the implementation of the NRP-related forms.

“He will come to Albenga The first trial has been laid for what will be the final structure of the regional and hospital assistance system – President Toti continues – GPs have direct responsibility for low-complexity services. Basically, this is the first experience of the basic level of help according to the standards of the recovery fund: the goal is Ensure that all the complexities of Low Care converge in these regional structures, able to provide a more effective, more effective and more convenient response to the citizens who will be able to present themselves in these clinics for all those mild illnesses, which do not depend on time, thus avoiding overcrowding in emergency rooms.”

The agreement reached will be submitted for approval by the Regional Standing Committee of General Practitioners on November 16, and approved by the Regional Council at the November 19 session.

Satisfaction was expressed by first citizen Ingauno Ricardo Tomatis: “This is a suggestion I made earlier on which I worked with the leaders of the ASL because I felt it was a solution, albeit temporary, to the risk of closing the first intervention point. Moreover, it may be an opportunity for clinicians who have recently obtained agreements and who may have a few of patients, to expand their expertise by connecting with specialist physicians who still have to be present at Albenga PPI.”

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“This could also be a solution to the problem of having family physicians in small municipalities that cannot have an adequate number of patients, with a small population, but could, by integrating their practices in the office with those in the hospital, encourage us to open a clinic even In smaller municipalities in outlying areas that today often do not have a clinic.”