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Covid, Roberto Burioni's message to Inter fans

Covid, Roberto Burioni’s message to Inter fans

Roberto Burioni’s message to the Inter fans, who invaded the Duomo in Milan by the thousands to celebrate the Scudetto

The World Health Organization has identified his situationIndia In recent weeks, with hundreds of thousands of daily infections and the number of deaths constantly increasing. Enough to set a record, roughly 3,700 in just 24 hours. Several countries send aid, and enter the world of viruses on this topic Roberto Burioni During the broadcast of “Che tempo che fa” on Rai 3. He also sent a message to my fansInter.

Covid, Burioni’s message to Inter fans

“Let’s not forget that this virus is dangerous at home,” he said mask It must always be worn. He told Inter fans that they were celebrating it Scudetto Virologist Roberto Burioni, a guest on Rai3’s “Che tempo che fa”, said they should be especially careful if they stay indoors.

As for the situation VaccinesThe expert explained that “we have secured the most vulnerable people, and now we must vaccinate the largest possible number of people as quickly as possible: Reluctant people will follow seeing that the vaccination is no longer sick.”

Burioni appears to be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel: “The sacrifices we made made sense. We’ll have to do this for a few more monthsVaccines work well. Soon they will free us from this pain, from this nightmare, but we must be careful: it would be a shame to lose something in the last mile. “

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Explained the Indian alternative, Roberto Burioni

Burioni has also talked about alternative Indiana. “We must help the Indians because the virologist knows no boundaries – he said – and helping the less fortunate also means doing our best because until the virus is broken down, we will not be able to be assured.”

Then he explained the variable world of viruses in detail: “It actually appeared in October of last year, and it is called a ‘double mutant’ as if it had two mutations.E484Q“e”L452R‘, Even if it contains 11 other.

E484Q appears to be linked to the ability to evade the immune system within certain limits, but fortunately it is present in others. Variables Which is then blocked by Vaccines“Happy Burioni.

“L452R – dependent – has already been found in the Californian variant and appears to be associated with greater portability.”

Is the Indian alternative more dangerous than others? “There does not appear to be any specific reason to be concerned about this alternative,” he emphasized Burioni – Which still needs an in-depth study. What can then depend on what happens India? India has been superficial in managing the Coronavirus emergency: the measures taken were very timid, and at one point the government advised to protect itself byTreatment with natural materials. Sports events open to the public, almost completely without a mask, as well as religious ceremonies that brought millions of people to the same places were allowed, in unstable health conditions.

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Milan, Inter fans gather for Scudetto