Saturday, July 20, 2024

Kosovo – Serbia: Pristina requests the assistance of the European Union and Moscow supports Belgrade


The Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, announced that his citizens are removing the barriers that were erected in Kosovo, thus easing the tensions that have erupted between the two countries. And raised the crisis raised by the arrest of a Serbian policeman fears of the international community and pushed the region to the brink of a military crisis. Vucic even alerted the military to intervene in the area, prompting the Kosovo administration to demand the intervention of the European Union. . Kosovo, which has a predominantly Albanian population, gained independence from Serbia in 2008, but its status has never been recognized by Belgrade.

Kosovo’s appeal to the European Union

On December 28, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo sent a letter to the member states of the European Union asking them to take measures against Serbia and asking Brussels to cooperate in the peaceful resolution of the tensions that have erupted in the northern part of the country. The document called on the international community to pressure Serbia to return to dialogue and listed the recent events in the northern region in chronological order.

“At best, Serbia is deliberately trying to destabilize Kosovo to prevent it from advancing dialogue, especially in the context of the new plan proposed by the European Union (with the support of France and Germany) to normalize relations,” the letter said.

The appeal to Brussels came at the same time that Moscow took a stand in favor of Serbia. The Kremlin had announced that it supported Belgrade “in its steps towards Kosovo”, dismissing rumors of Russia’s “destructive influence” on the Serbian authorities as “completely false”.

The message: Serbs are behaving as they did in the 1990s

The document says that the escalation of attacks will remind us of The method of work Which the Serbian authorities used to start armed conflicts in the 1990s. The letter also summarized the controversies that have occurred since December 10, from the building of barricades by the Serb community in Mitrovica, a city in northern Kosovo, to attacks on journalists by the Kosovo media. “We strongly condemn attacks on journalists by extremists in northern Kosovo. Over the past three weeks, journalists have been repeatedly attacked by criminal groups that have tried to destabilize Kosovo,” said Kosovar Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Donica Jervala Schwarz via social media. The international community must take urgent action on Belgrade and protect a free media. This story must end. Now,” he added.


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