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Corrado Calabro, Poetry Towards Infinity, Between Sea and Space – Calabria

In the Spanish anthology Quinta dimensión, 60 years of poetic activity

(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 30 – The first motions in the crystal waters of Calabria, “in that sea that reaches the horizon, but remains confined to itself”, then the need to keep talking about itself, its own inner turmoil, And with them the world around him: after more than 60 years of poetic activity, Corrado Calabro has not contented himself with investigating in words the most intimate of human nature, between dreams and fragility. “Today we live in a time of weak intellect and existential insecurity is our condition. But poetry tends to transcend, to expand our awareness, and to try to speak to each of us, to reveal something that we cannot see though it is in front of us,” he said in an interview with the news agency. American (ANSA), during the presentation in Rome at IILA headquarters of “Quinta dimensión. Poemas escogidos 1958-2021”, the Spanish edition just published by Pigmalión of the monolithic book published in Italy by Mondadori (in 2018 and then in an updated version in 2021). The complete volume represents an authentic poetic self-portrait of Calabro, jurist, writer, president of AGCOM from 2005 to 2012: among the pages of the book, in this careful and extensive choice of words, the objective and formal core of more than half a century of poetic productions by an author who has always been faithful to his inspiration alone, Stubbornly far from any label and any literary current. “When you feel the poem deeply, everything comes back inside, the most enthusiastic readings, sensations, even inanimate life press to leave an imprint on itself, because poetry depends on the subconscious,” continues Calabro, who has published 23 books of poems in Italy and 34 abroad , in 20 languages. In this anthology, all the themes dear to the author return: the unfathomable perspectives and impulses of love, along with the mysterious wonders of space and the depth of the sea celebrated as metaphor and at the same time as a tangible element of life. (Dealing).

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