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Controversy overshadows employment reform

Recruitment Overshadowed by Controversy: Easier to Join NASA (Saturday, April 23, 2022) there Reshape subordinate Recruitment teachers for days covered up give her controversy. Few people like the new path of becoming teachers. Orizzonte Scuola’s Facebook page collects some criticism for…
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daily occurrence : The appointment of teachers is changing again: Ok to reform Minister Bianchi. Trade unions: “Shameful, parting … – Luigi Gallo 15 : Without a significant salary increase for all teachers, every reform in recruitment and training is fresh water and… – Agenzia_Ansa : School Cabinet decision to recruit afternoon teachers. The school package should be… – Massimo Chiaram 7 :RTfattoquotidiano: Teacher appointment changed again: OK to fix Minister Bianchi. Unions: “Shame, it’s breaking up… – John Hard 3 :RTfattoquotidiano: Teacher appointment changed again: OK to fix Minister Bianchi. Unions: “Shame, it’s breaking up… –

Gallo (M5S): “Without a significant increase in teacher salaries, any reform in employment and training is fresh water”

‘Without a big salary increase for all teachers each.’ Reshape On the Recruitment Training is fresh water and does not increase merit nor quality. M5S Deputy Luigi Gallo wrote this in a tweet. Italy must decide if it can face…

The lesson an Italian school needs. writes masterpasqua

…already approved on April 13th, from Reshape subordinate Recruitment Teachers, new, more rigorous courses must be selected. Undergraduate course for initial training with at least 60 credits…

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  5. Changing the appointment of teachers again: Well to reform Minister Bianchi daily fact
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‘Safe Roads’, Deidda-Prisco (Fdi): No Cuts to Law 244

Deda Salvatore and . Fellow Faye Briscoe, commented on the cuts that Law 244 imposes on the “Safe Roads” operation.

Teacher recruitment reform, a possible limited number: this is

In the reform to become Bianchi teachers, the enabling path is expected to be limited for some competition classes. Details and first previews.

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