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Commercials that encourage off-roading are prohibited

Commercials that encourage off-roading are prohibited

4X4 for city Today, cities are an area dominated by four-wheel drive vehicles, many of which are equipped with four-wheel drive. Although many of these vehicles have excellent off-road handling capabilities, it is very difficult for the driver to venture further than dirt roads that even a front-wheel drive city car can travel. However, pickups remain more “hard and refined”, incl Toyota Hiluxwho has a reputation for being unstoppable on any terrain and played with this characteristic spot Created by Toyota to promote it: in advertisements (visible in Video down) You see a group of Hilux In the wild who, after crossing the bed of the river like a herd of wild animals, enter the street until they reach the city.

Someone thinks about the environment – But it was precisely the first part of the commercial that ended up before the eyes of the Advertising Standards Authority, the self-regulatory organization for the country’s advertising sector. United kingdom. According to the supervisory body, it turns out Off-road ability The Hilux would encourage drivers to travel off-road Harm the planet. This appears to be the first case where the Advertising Standards Authority has banned an ad due to an alleged lack of… Social Responsibility Towards the environment. The authority also banned a second advertisement, this time a billboard showing a “herd” of Hilux cars in the middle of nature under the phrase “Born to Roam.”

Toyota does not fit Toyota objected to the decision, saying its pickup truck was “intended for this.” Environments more difficultWhich is needed by some productive sectors, such as agriculture, for example Off-road ability Appears in the ad. He also confirmed that the filming took place in Slovenia, on private land and with the permission of the owner, answering that it was his home Pay attention to the planet This is evident in its efforts since 1997 to electrify its cars. However, the ASA stuck to its position: while it admitted the video footage was pure fiction, the ads “presented and condoned the use of vehicles in a way that ignores their impact on nature and the environment”.

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