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If you are using Intel processors, you should download this free software

If you are using Intel processors, you should download this free software

A new free program has been announced that allows you to better manage Intel brand processors.

Sometimes all the power that new processors can develop isn’t necessary. Or not all the time. That’s why it can be helpful to have software that manages it More efficiently.

How to keep your computer under control with simple free software (

Especially since some models, starting from the 12th generation Intel for example, are extremely rich in cores but are also equipped with some virtualization technologies that, instead of improving performance, turn the end user experience into an unsolvable problem. Bitsum, which previously released the software, is trying to provide assistance to these users A program called Operation Lasso.

Software to optimize and automate CPUs in real time. Now the same company makes Core Director available for Windows. Here’s how it differs from Process Lasso and why it might be the right free program for you.

Managing Intel CPUs, How does Core Director work?

As is well explained by the official software page on the Bitsum website, managing CPUs can be complicated In a completely independent way They decided that some cores would have to go into active mode, effectively reducing the overall performance of the device. What a basic manager can do is Put it back into the hands of the end user The option to avoid these situations from occurring.

How to manage Intel CPUs better
Free software to tame your Intel CPU? It exists (

Basic Manager is a plus program Delicate and simple Compared to Process Lasso, but also free compared to Process Lasso. What the program allows you to do is prevent its activation Save the method And sort the different programs on the device, assigning E mode to some and P mode to others.

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The three modes offered by Core Director are somewhat similar to what Process Lassio does but the screen is definitely simpler and so the program is intended for a wider segment of users. Intel processors are already equipped with a technology called Thread Director which allows Windows to take over Real time control on what is happening inside the CPU and at the same time allows the CPU to sort out the work of the cores by choosing to assign E mode, for example, to those activities that finish in the background.

For 14th generation processors, it is also present Intel Abu Which, compared to the basic manager, is obviously more complex to use but is also able to work in a more in-depth way. If you experiment Problems in efficiency management Your processor, and the problems then turn into a device that does not respond properly, you can try to install Core Director and make some decisions away from the internal automated systems.