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Collecting swordfish in supermarkets: that’s why

Withdrawing fish from the supermarket due to the excessive presence of a substance inside it. Let’s see what happened and what we should pay close attention to

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I food recalls It is now on the agenda. Processing products intended to preserve them is harmful in some way. Sometimes materials containing metals harmful to human health are used.

Maximum attention regarding Fish, That through these mechanisms the risk of contamination and provocation Severe effects on those who consume it. One of the most recent cases in this regard concerns a sea ​​creatureWhich drives a lot of people crazy.

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Withdrawing fish from the supermarket: the reason for the decision

It is located around Two batches of swordfish, which – which They are called for the presence of mercury outside the permissible limits. Luckily At the time of reporting by Sogegross (a group engaged in the field of wholesale distribution on a large scale), both batches have already expired for a few days.

specifically go The first product in question is a loaf of thawed swordfish under the Alfrisa brand. Batch number is 423534 with expiry 9/07/2021 Produced in Barcelona and sold at cash fishmongers starting 07/01/2021

the other is A loaf of the same fish distributed by Giò Mare Srl With lot number 2118/023 and expiring on 9/07/2021 for sale in Cash Bologna from 2/07/2021.

Continuing on this path, a few days ago news Pull some batches of squid. It was available in a fairly popular supermarket chain in Bel Paese. For more details on this recall click here.

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Not just fish thoughRecently, withdrawals have also affected other foods. Recently A batch of Sarchio brand organic sesame seeds has been withdrawn due to the presence of ethylene oxide. The product in question is available in bags of 180 grams, batch number 204431.

In any case, it is always a good idea to update the provisions regarding Food WarningsFortunately, the current means are timely.