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Climate, Covid, Afghanistan and Libya: This is Biden Draghi's focus

Climate, Covid, Afghanistan and Libya: This is Biden Draghi’s focus

Biden and Draghi greeted each other very warmly in front of the entrance to Palazzo Chigi. The harmony between the two leaders was well seen, also visually: the American president put his hand on the shoulder of the Italian prime minister until he entered the courtyard, where the picket of honor was held. After ritual salutations and military honors, Italian-American bilateral relations began before the G20 on Saturday and Sunday.

Italian American Summit

The meeting ended after about an hour. The two leaders emphasized the excellent cooperation between their countries in managing global challenges, and their solidity atlantic translation link The European Defense Development Benefit. the interview “Focus on the excellent cooperation between the Italian Presidency of the G20 and the United States of America in managing the most important global challenges – reads a note from Palazzo Chigi -: combating the epidemic, combating climate change, relaunching the economy and strengthening the rules-based multilateral system”. Draghi and Biden reviewed the most prominent global crises, especially the crisisAfghanistan, along with the instability in the Mediterranean and in Libya. Biden thanked Draghi for all that Italy has done to support the Afghan people, including calling for an extraordinary session of the Group of Twenty to address counter-terrorism efforts and humanitarian aid.

Harmony among the first ladies

The meeting between the first ladies, Serena Draghi and Jill Biden, lasted forty minutes. The two women warmly greeted each other with a hug in front of the main door of Shigei Palace. On Saturday, the Italian prime minister’s wife will accompany the other first ladies on their visit to the Colosseum and the Imperial Forums.

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Meeting in the Quirinale with Mattarella

Climate, epidemic and relations with the European Union. These are the main topics of the meeting in the Quirinale between President Sergio Mattarella and President Biden. Wading in vaccinations Mattarella highlighted the need to ensure this for the most fragile states. Biden praised Italy’s “excellent job” on vaccines. He added that the United States is committed and shared in the need to vaccinate the most fragile states without distinguishing between allies and non-allies.

On the climate Mattarella said the issue cannot be confined to the participation of Western countries, but the commitment of leaders of Asian and African countries must be strongly supported. Biden pointed out that environmental transformation It can provide great opportunities for new jobs. but Relations between the United States and the European Union Biden noted that America “is back” (in reference to the isolationism of the Trump era), and added that besides NATO, the main focus of US policy, there are relations with the European Union. Mattarella thanked him for his delicacy, and gave an example of the decision to tax OT companies (Over the top, ed.) as a result of this new harmony.