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Axis with pidon in weather

Axis with pidon in weather

“You are doing an amazing job. We need to show that democracy can work and create a new economic model. You do it!” Mario Tracy’s G20, Armored, returned to Rome and returned to the center of the world, beginning with Joe Biden with enthusiasm for the work carried out by the former head of the ECB, which in March 2020 was carried to Palazzo by an epidemic. Made the country kneel. Given the strength of the decisively advancing vaccine campaign, Italy, which has accelerated on the green path and finally returned to growth without equal on Europe, faces the G20 with Axis support with Draghi USA.

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Joe and Jill Biden arrived late for Palazzo Chiki and had hiccups: they were coming in front of a large American group. They are waiting in their car for the arrival of the president’s ‘queue’, which passes through an armored Via del Corso. Tracy and his wife Serena, who have been waiting for them at the main entrance to the government-occupied building since 1961, are generally reluctant to attend international summits, but this time ahead of the G20 in Rome. Tax. The first two women – Jill in an elegant purple dress and Jill in a black damask dress – enjoyed a cup of tea as the two presidents began talks, which lasted more than an hour.

Drake thanked Biden for his support for the G20’s Italian presidency and for his commitment to the climate. One of the biggest challenges awaiting the Rome summit, precisely this, is climate change, with China and India far from reaching the zero emission target even by 2050. After Biden, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in Palazzo with a much simpler presidential procession than the United States.

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The Spotlight is all in the pedestal, but in fact India represents the core of this G20. Drake is well aware of this, as he usually insists in his speeches that Europe’s commitment to save the country is not enough: the planet is being saved together. China and India should do their part, but convincing them seems impossible. However, in this G20, we will try to reduce the distance to a minimum and bring it home.

Pushing in the same direction – saving the planet – is an ally that is not part of the G20, but he plays a decisive role: Pope Percoglio, the most ecological pope to remember history, and today spoke at length with Biden about the climate crisis. . With Draghi, the US President “promises to quickly decarbonize the way we generate electricity”. But the meat in the fire, in a quarter of an hour in comparison, put a lot of the Italian Prime Minister and the US President. As already revealed in the Carbis Bay G7 with strength and clarity, the harmony seems to be overall.

The two discuss the crisis in Afghanistan, “Biden thanked former ECB number one for everything Italy has done to support the people of Afghanistan, including convening an extraordinary session of the G20 to address counter-terrorism efforts and humanitarian aid. Note from the White House after the meeting.” Discussed security challenges within and reaffirmed the importance of NATO’s efforts to act as a deterrent against threats from any strategic direction. ”

Not only that. Drake gathers support on another issue that is very close to Biden’s heart, which is European defense. It is also central to the basis of Atlantic security, “in relation to perfection”. On both sides, the ‘main course’ of the fight against the epidemic is missing, with another big and undeniable hero of the Rome summit staging in the district of Ur tomorrow.

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The goal to be achieved is already on paper, appearing in a comprehensive document looked at together by the finance and health ministers of the world’s leading figures prior to the G20, and stated that “at least 40% of the population in all countries by the end of 2021 and 70% by the middle of 2022”. Strengthened by the teachings left by Govt: International Coordination as a Basic Soldier in Dealing with Emergencies and Epidemics. Even the planet is saved together from the threats of viruses and health crises. The challenge, not a little, is to march together. (By Ileana Sierra)