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Clear Time, Program, Live and Deferred Qualifications - OA Sport

Clear Time, Program, Live and Deferred Qualifications – OA Sport

day qualifications to Formula Onewhich today will determine the starting grid for Grand Prix in Mexico City. The standard used will be the best time for one cycle to be found in Q 3The third and final stage of the three qualifying stages, the stage in which only the fastest 10 drivers will be accepted at the end of Q 2which the fastest fifteen will be able to reach by the end of x 1This is the first step of the session, as well as the only step available to all 20 registered members.

Live broadcast of FP3 and MEXICO F1 GP qualifying at 7.00pm and 10.00pm

In this regard, in the 2022 arc, there is no doubt that the most consistent in the flying lap Charles Leclercable to sign well 9 First place (Bahrain, Australia, Miami, Spain, Monte Carlo, Baku, France, Italy, Singapore). In this sense, Monaco “doubled” Max Verstappenfor its part, is still on the rise 4 (Imola, Canada, Austria, Netherlands). To tell the truth, the Dutchman was the fastest at Spa-Francorchamps as well. However, he had to serve a penalty to replace power unit. Thus, statistically, the column passed into the hands of Carlos Sainz, which can therefore be boasted of 3 Exit from the featured chest (the sacred chests of Great Britain and the United States, as well as the “inherited” ones in Belgium). Finally, we have 1 one flash for sergio Perez (Saudi Arabia) and George contact (Hungary).

One fact must be noted. Starting from number one is not always good and correct in Mexico. We know very well how to extend the path to be covered to reach the first corner Very long. Therefore, being in front of everyone risks exposing who is ahead fierce attacks upon initial braking. On the other hand, here Take the road From others it is much simpler than in other contexts. Contact Valtteri Bottas for clarification. The concept is not much different from that of Spa-Francorchamps, without the intricacies of the source underfoot. What will happen tomorrow? First we need to understand the properties of the starting network. To find out, just follow Qualifications on TV. How?

F1 World Drivers Ranking 2022: Max Verstappen dominates, second Leclerc

Pay TV – Thematic channel Sky Sport F1 (207) he will send full direct subordinate qualifications And the third free practice session of the Mexico City Grand Prix. No coverage on SkySport Uno and SkySport 4K (due to football compatibility).

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Pure Free TV – The free channel TV8 (125 Sky and 8 DT) will be streamed for free, but in . format postponed The qualifications . There is no free air coverage for the Mexican event. The third free practice session will not be suggested in any way.

flow – The entire Mexico City event can be watched live on PC, tablet and smartphone via the app sky go (Reserved exclusively for Sky subscribers). It will also be possible to see it on the on-demand streaming service right Now. Finally we must not forget how on the site Deferred qualifications will be available.

life life – OA Sport will offer you live writing for all sessions, from your first free practice session to the checkered flag of the Mexico City Grand Prix.

Today’s TV8 GP MEXICO F1 2022 Program

Saturday October 29

23.25-00.45 – Delayed clear qualifications


Saturday October 29

19.00 – 20.00, Free trial 3 on me Sky Sport F1 (207)
22.00-23.00, qualifications on me Sky Sport F1 (207)


The qualifications It will be resent several times in Authentic copy on me Sky Sport F1 (207) In a day Sunday 30.
The scheduled times are: 0.15; 3.00; 6.30; 12.30; 14.15; 16.00; 17.45.

Photo: La Presse

Presentation of qualifications

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FP2 event log

Results and rating of FP2

Charles Leclerc attacks the barricades. Network risk penalties?

Charles Leclerc Attacks Barriers Video

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