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Bologna Pregnant Thanks to Frozen Eggs 14 Years Ago

Bologna Pregnant Thanks to Frozen Eggs 14 Years Ago

synonym for progress – This result was shared during the international conference “35 years of oocyte cryopreservation”. Today, then, two hearts are beating inside the 41-year-old, after implanting eggs from a donor who decided 14 years ago to freeze them. “It is a special case for us that is synonymous with progress, success and hope – explains Professor Porco – for the first time we demonstrate that vitrified, cryopreserved eggs have a high reproductive capacity.”

Hope for Cancer Patients – “This – he adds – demonstrates the success of the procedure that uses liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -196 degrees: it keeps it healthy and fertile for a long time. This means, above all, that cancer patients who have difficulty and often very long treatments can count on A bank of strong, persistent eggs and on an effective protocol: so they hope to conceive at the end of treatment, regardless of age.”

Donation Programs – Polyclinic explains a reassuring and encouraging case especially in the field of fertility, but also to all other women who need and want to follow the path of medically assisted reproduction. Furthermore, the prolonged efficiency of the vitrification process provides greater flexibility for all egg donation programmes: in fact, women who freeze eggs in a polyclinic can automatically choose to donate their unused eggs to other women for free.

Support more women “Thanks to this solidarity option and these important results, it will be possible to involve and support more women in this path with a high probability of success and therefore new pregnancies,” continues the hospital company.

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