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Juventus, "Corto Musso" from Allegri joins Triccani

Juventus, “Corto Musso” from Allegri joins Triccani

Turin – Now it won’t be necessary Learn about horse racing, because “Short muzzle” enteredTrekani EncyclopediaThe most famous Italian encyclopedia, published by the Institute of Italian Encyclopedia, starting in 1929. Giovanni braids NS Giovanni Gentiles. After Maurizio frequently and his Sarismo Who was honored a few years ago to enter the work folders, it is the turn of Massimiliano Allegri who on April 13, 2019 introduce a concept “Short muzzle” in soccer. In the post-match press conference for asleepJuventus, which the Bianconeri lost, the coach explained to the media that the Scudetto victory does not necessarily come by a difference of dozens of points, but can also be obtained and enjoyed thanks to the narrow gap, as happens for the horses that reach the end of the picture. At the end of the race. “And at this point just put the nose up front, short nose!”Referring to one of the icons of his football and conference philosophy with this unforgettable attack, Allegri said: “You know horse racing”, Became the me me For every occasion.

Expansion concept – Why Dandruff They can even outperform football. you can win elections Short nose, you can have one Upgrade functional In school short muzzle or Obtained For hair in some complex situations. The short snout, in common usage, also generalized its meaning, becoming synonymous with it pragmatismAnd Practical applicationAnd necessity. Those with a short nose look on the point, tactile and without superfluous embellishment, but above all without fear of appearing ugly or appearing in the eyes of others. Others who also give importance to form (sometimes turning it into real dogma), but their roasting is not always proportional to the smoke generated.

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social impact Who knows what he’ll think? cheerful to end up inItalian Encyclopedia, who opened some books at school and in developing his wisdom he always watered them need And almost never with theory. The strange thing is that since April 13, 2019, the expression short muzzle is practically not used again, if not pushed directly by a question. Thus, the spread does not depend on the author, but on social networks that caught on the spot International, and quickly inserted into the default language for fans and non-fans.