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Cell phone, when you sleep, never put it here

Cell phone, when you sleep, never put it here

Do not carry it with you while you sleep, as your cell phone is extremely harmful.

Nowadays, practically none of us know Dispense with your smartphone. On the one hand, this device is very useful because it allows you to keep in touch with anyone, whether near or far: calls, messages, video calls but also entertainment, social networking, work and events at hand with a smartphone.

On the other hand, this device It can be addictive, especially in young children. In the long run, it becomes impossible to live without your smartphone as you feel lost, without the possibility of staying connected and out of touch with the world in one way or another.

Beyond the consequences on health and mental stability, a smartphone can have serious consequences Consequences also on physical healthEspecially if you keep it next to the bed at night. Here’s what those with this bad habit risk.

Smartphone on the bedside table? Here’s what causes it

According to a recent study published by British scientists, keeping your phone on the table next to your bed and leaving it charging overnight can increase the likelihood of… They suffer from diabetes and obesity. The reason can be found in melatonin production: a dark environment helps produce melatonin, so sleep will be more restful. In contrast, radiation emitted by a technological device This would disrupt the production of this hormone So the comfort will be poorer.

Metabolic imbalances, such as those related to the sleep-wake cycle, can then occur Promoting weight disorders And similar problems like diabetes, where good sleep is essential to keep them at bay as much as possible. According to this study, the electromagnetic radiation value of a smartphone is 2.3 milliGauss, and after charging it, this value increases to 3.4 milliGauss.

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Do not put your cell phone like this while you sleep: it is harmful to your health (

Another study confirms this

This first study was confirmed by a second study conducted by researchers from the University of Granada in 2014, followed by another study from the University of Manchester.

Both confirmed using a device such as a computer or smartphone at night It can cause obesity: “Exposure to blue light for three hours in the evening had an acute effect on hunger and glucose metabolismIvy Cheung of Northwestern University in Chicago explained, adding that good sleep has a positive impact on health and well-being. Obesity as well as diabetes, and hence the diseases that can lead to it Apoplexy s Heart attack Fatal.