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“Sarcasm is like going to the gym, positive effort”


That of Ariana Porcelli Safonov He is one of the most interesting names in the Italian artistic panorama. A crystalline, pure and untainted talent. As well as an extraordinary attention to detail and language. His are not comic monologues. Let’s be clear, we laugh, and a lot. But his satire prompts those who listen to him to reflect. And inevitably to grow.

Ariana, how do you introduce yourself?

“I can’t call myself an actress because I haven’t studied a day for this. Writing is the only thing I can do, so I express my thoughts. So I like to say I write.”

After studying in Rome she went to Madrid where she hosted a television show. How did it end up from Madrid to Oltrepo Pavese?

“I needed to be alone for a while, the Oltrepo Pavese area is about seventy kilometers from Milan. A distance that doesn’t seem very far, but rather, if you take into account that in the area where I lived there was no one really native.”

In each of his performances and monologues there is a very strict choice of words. How difficult is it to choose which language to use?

“There is a hollowing out of the language. Many, in spite of themselves, no longer know how to speak Italian. There is a certain difficulty in finding sources. However, on the other hand, a lot of weight is given to only certain words. When I do that ‘it happens that I “I write a monologue and I have a hard time blocking out the voice inside me that says be careful, that something might upset a certain part of the audience.”

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Whoever makes fun like you faces many difficulties.

“No one knows how to listen to sarcasm anymore, and the audience is no longer trained. Sarcasm is tiring for both those who do it and those who listen to it. But it’s a good effort, like the one you do in the gym. Even finding a context for giving presentations “This kind of thing is becoming increasingly difficult, but I do it because there is a hunger, and the audience thanks me for the effort. This is no longer a show, it has become an almost political act even with the audience.”

She will be present today, Thursday, June 27, at 8 pm, at the Beauty Festival in Castello Sforzesco in Milan. What should those who come to one of your shows expect?

“To think. We’re always laughing, but we’re contemplating, and we’re also thinking.”

How were one of your monologues born?

“I am inspired by what is happening around me, by human concerns. Life and reality inspire me.”

Who are his teachers?

“Comedian Daniele Lotazzi and David Sedaris, an American writer who has the ability to take the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary.”

A dream for you?

“I wish I had the time to write my third book.”


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