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Cell phone charger, be careful how you use it: it can be deadly

Cell phone charger, be careful how you use it: it can be deadly

A cell phone charger is an essential tool, but you must be very careful how you use it: the risks are high.

Incorrect use of your smartphone charger can lead to serious risks (

Smartphone usage has become significantly higher in recent years. The latest phones offer a variety of features Which prompts users to never leave their devices. Obviously, such intense use of a smartphone leads to the battery draining faster: it is no coincidence that many people reveal that they have to charge their phone several times during the day. The problem is that the process of charging a smartphone is often done in less risky ways at all.

Charger near the bathtub: The risks are enormous

Even an object like The phone charger must be used correctly To avoid risk. Many will remember what happened less than a year ago in Montefalcione, a small town in the province of Avellino, where a 15-year-old girl died of electrocution after her charging phone fell into the bathtub.

Charging your smartphone near a bathtub can be very dangerous (

The battery charger, according to the latest developments in the investigation, is likely to be defective, which is why five entrepreneurs are being investigated for manslaughter, commercial fraud and the sale of industrial products with counterfeit trademarks.

However, even when the charger is in good condition It is better not to trust and adopt the correct behavior So that we do not face consequences that may have tragic effects.

A mobile phone should never be near water sources, especially if it is connected to a charger. In fact, water is a strong electrical conductorTherefore, the presence of any electrical equipment within a short distance of water represents a serious risk to people's safety.

Electrical appliances should not be kept near water sources

Obviously the effects on the body vary based on factors such as intensity and frequency, but the advice is definitely the same Never keep your smartphone and charger near the bathtub While showering.

And that's not all, because many people tend to follow the same behavior even while they are busy with oral hygiene, while washing dishes or other activities that require the use of water. Nothing could be more wrong, considering that All it takes is a little neglect To allow both the phone and charger to come into contact with water.

In general, it is best not to use any electronic device when you are near water sources. Especially if you are getting ready to take a shower or bath. In fact, all devices with a socket, starting with smartphones, should be moved a safe distance from bathtubs and showers.

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