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Celebrity Island Ilary Blasi talks about the future and luxury

Celebrity Island Ilary Blasi talks about the future and luxury

Ilary Blasi It is no longer “unique” even forFamous Island. In her book, “What a Lie. My Truth,” the broadcaster devoted space to gf vip To talk about his farewell to the reality show in 2018, now that history has repeated itself, he decided to break the silence and comment on what happened in Mediaset. Biscione leaders decided to change and trust in administration to The island of famous people a Vladimir LuxuriaBut Ilary Blasi made it clear that she does not hold any grudges, but on the contrary, she is ready to take on the next television challenge. Let's find out What did he say.

Farewell toFamous Island 2024 Words by Ilary Blasi

A bit like what happened in Big brotherMediaset decided to restart The island of famous people Through some kind of process Rebranding. Pier Silvio Berlusconi Asking brought a breath of fresh air to Eighteenth edition of the reality show, starting with the cast. As announced, changes have begun with the cast, with the Vladimir Luxuria Come New presenter In a place Ilary Blasi. Former Mrs. Totti commented for the first time on the decision of the Bessisi leaders, breaking the silence in the weekly newspaper Che They explained that they had reached a separation by mutual consent. “Good-bye Isola? Yes, but I agree with the company, we agreed that the project must change“She was like that,” explained the former letter writer Satisfied From his experience: “I drove Big Brother VIP And three years too, so let’s say I close the circle.”

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“I was less attracted to the more intimate part of reality TV, and digging into stories is not my thing,” Ilary Blasi continued. Chewhich has to explain Let us now be oriented towards another, more fun and carefree kind of entertainment: “I'm fighting more for some form of respect, even if someone is doing a reality show, they're participating without filters. But I prefer entertainment, I like the dynamics of the game and the banter, it's more my style.”

His future and futureIsola With Vladimir Luxuria

During the interview with Ilary Blasi Weekly he also had the opportunity to talk about his future at Mediaset, with hosting Live beats (which should move to prime time on Canale 5):I enjoy the idea. I love the musical atmosphere, the backstage, the singers: It is joy, it is joy, something new, summer. “If I was born again I would like to be a pop star, but I'm tone deaf.”

Regarding the futureFamous IslandBut no advice for the heir. Vladimir Luxuria (Which, according to Illari, you don't need); The previous message was limited to the following: Be sarcastic That “his” commentators (before Gentlemen the gf And now Luxuria is succeeding in a kind of climb: “Alfonso and Vladimir from commentators to broadcasters? I am a divination witch. How can I enlighten them? No one can enlighten them (Riding, unknown). I'm happy for Alfonso and happy for Vladimir, they are two special people. I encourage Vladi on this new adventure, and I don't want to give her advice because I'm not the classic presenter and I don't think she needs it“.

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