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Cannes 2021, Spike Lee's mistake: Palme d'Or announced very soon - Chronicle

Cannes 2021, Spike Lee’s mistake: Palme d’Or announced very soon – Chronicle

Julia Docornau (ANSA)

Rome, July 17, 2021 – “I have to do it We apologize to everyone, to my colleagues, to the festival and also to the artists whose heart beats for mess that you collected. You should know that I love sports and when the game is over, the first thing I announce is the score. That’s why I went so quickly towards the end. Fortunately, they all helped me, but it was fun. ” 74th Cannes Film Festival (all awards here) I started with slip. Spike Lee, the American director and for the occasion the chairman of the jury, announced golden palm,Titanium‘ From Julia Docornau, for every Error At the beginning of the ceremony and not as scheduled at the end. Surprise left the audience dumbfounded, while Docornau, skeptical, let himself go into emotion.

He later said, “You always have to get a second chance.” Spike Lee Who was making a slip again by announcing the title while he still had to enter Sharon Stone Invitation to award the award. At the time of the official announcement, the heroes of the movie have also arrived on the stage Vincent Lyndon e Agathe Russell The hall erupted with thunderous applause.

Vincent Lyndon, Julia Ducornu and Agathe Russell (ANSA)

“My movie is not perfect, some say it is brutality “Move,” said the director, “The ugliness that goes through my work is a force that breaks the so-called normality.” Thanks to the jury, he accepted a more flexible and inclusive world.”

Julia Docornau Spike Lee