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"5x7" winning film in Canada: The story between Irfinia and the United States

“5×7” winning film in Canada: The story between Irfinia and the United States

First prize for the Italian film “5 × 7 – Country in a Box” by Michael Citoni at the Canadian Reelheart International Film and Screenplay Festival. Also presented is a portrait of the American photographer and anthropologist Frank Kansian and the city of Lacedonia, Irbine, photographed in the 1950s.

The First prize In the match Short documentaries of Reelheart International Film and Screenplay Festival Posted in Canada For an Italian film that tells a story In between l ‘Irpinea e The United States: “5 × 7 – Country in a Box”, Presented by Roman Director Michael Sittoni.

The award was announced at the end of the week when it was screened at an online event attended by the director. IThe festival, in fact, now in its 17th edition, took place on the network due to anti-Govt restrictions still in effect in the Canadian state.Ontario, Its capital Toronto This is the seat of the event. ‘S plan “5 × 7” It marked the Canadian premiere of a film describing the abode of an American photographer Frank Kansian Origin in 1957 in Lacedonia (Ava) Of the 1801 photographs he took Small rural community He was there for six monthsSixty years after the discovery of photographs and now a retired anthropologist and university professor, Kensian returned to Lacedonia, where ha GirlTo The fAuto To Pro logo EdHe cut the ribbon MAVI-Irpino Museum of Visual Anthropology It reveals them today.

1801 Black and white photographs depict an unusual ethnic portrait of a rural community in the south, reminiscent of well-known works by American artists Paul Strand Along with the filmmaker Cicero Savattini a Luzara (Re) Only a few other similar examples from a few years ago. «N.No anthropologist who studied southern Italy in those years gave us a clear and complete picture of societyEd edited the book by Francesco Faita, one of the leading experts in visual anthropology Italy is a country in the south. Lachidonia in photos by Frank Kansian (1957) (Postcard, 2020), a volume published in dual Italian and English editions during a similar exhibition currently taking place in Rome at the scientifically valuable site of the Museum of Civilizations of the Ministry of Culture.

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Documentary provided Quote Re-createHe is a scene not yet known, but one of the most important in the history of visual anthropology and creates a loving and affectionate portrait of a great intellectual who died tragically in California last November, and he immersed himself in reading of his relationship with society; Further Tells how memory and cultural practices can help strengthen the identity of a small community, A central element for the integration of all Italian and European hinterlands in crisis of population and economic marginalization.

Who produced and produced the film Michael Sittoni For that Blue In co-production with Prologue “Gino Chicken, Association Lapillard And this Municipality of Lacedonia; Loaded by Roberto Menserini And uses the music of the Neapolitans Guna And the Jazz Quartet of Lacedonian Pascual Innarella. Before the most recent Canadian award, “5 × 7 – Country in a Box” He has won numerous awards in Italy, the United States and other countries.

The Reelheart International film & Screenplay Festival Founded in Toronto in 2004, it has since been screened by Canadian films, screenplays and television projects by “the best emerging and professional independent directors and screenwriters around the world.” The festival defines itself as «new, independent, main opposition மற்றும் and has chosen the following guiding principle:« All cultures under one roof.