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Hand ... there, crazy paparazzi - Libero Quotidiano

Hand … there, crazy paparazzi – Libero Quotidiano

A passion that cannot be contained, a love in full sails. We are talking about Maria Elena Bosque e Giulio Perotti, a couple who have been together for a long time now, the esteemed member of Italia Viva and the actor dentist. No, the two are no longer hiding. In short, the opportunities for photographers are greedy. As evidenced by a hot report published by Oggi, which surprised the couple in the middle of a Roman day.

She is 40 and he is 36, and here they are enjoying the capital’s sun. I first went out for a walk, got dressed Very sexy short black dress And knee-high boots. So he had lunch with his parents, an eye surgeon Giuseppe Perotti from Moncalvo e Francesca Romana ReggianiThe legal profession. It’s all in a downtown restaurant, where Perotti is roasting for Perotti’s return from the States, where he just finished making a movie.

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Pictures, snapshots, photographers. And one such shot, which you can see below, is very exciting. Yes, because Julio’s gesture is certainly not honorable. His hand, cunning, actually slides straight onto the B side of Maria Elena Boschi. Everything, by the way, is in front of his parents. Yes, the passion between the two is absolutely irrepressible…

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