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Broadcast films that tell of the fight for civil rights

Broadcast films that tell of the fight for civil rights

On August 30, 1967, Thurgood Marshall was confirmed as the first black justice of the Supreme Court. We present to you five streaming films that tell the story of that period.

August 30, 1967 Thurgood Marshall He was confirmed as the first African-American justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. It is an event of fundamental importance in a marked historical moment The battle for civil rights. It is to this subject that we want to dedicate the five broadcast movies Today, it is inspired by real personalities and stories that represented important and dramatic stages in affirming the rights of blacks in America. Enjoy reading.

Five streaming films about the history of civil rights in the United States

  • Mississippi Burning – Roots of Hate
  • Malcolm X
  • Selma – the path to freedom
  • Loving
  • March for freedom

Mississippi Burning (1988)

One of the most powerful and gritty films of the 1980s, A Slap to Reagan and Respectable America, chronicles the FBI’s investigation into the murders of three activists in Mississippi in the 1960s. Gene Hackman And Willem Dafoe They are two heroes interconnected and strong, Frances McDormand The very sweet “victim” of the times, Brad Dourif And other actors embody everyday racism and evil. Mississippi burning It is a very powerful drama full of scenes of impact and truth. He deserved his Oscars for more than just his photography. For example, the Best Actor award for Hackman and Director Alan Parker…available at Amazon Prime Videos.

Malcolm X (1992)

The prolific biographical film dedicated to the most controversial and debated civil rights leader is being staged Spike Lee Like a film worthy of a career, with the vision and narrative power of the great American murals. Malcolm X He carries it on the shoulders a Denzel Washington Exciting, won the Pscar Award for Best Leading Actor. A smooth and subtle film, it tells the human folds and contradictions of a figure like no other in the twentieth century. A really necessary movie. Available on google appsAmazon Prime Video.

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Salma: The Road to Freedom (2014)

The feature film about the most famous march organized by Martin Luther King Jr., produced by Ava DuVernay To cater to the average and casual American audience. Which means clean scaling and very few gray areas within the text. David Ellow He is undeniably effective as the protagonist, and the rest is clever entertainment but no doubt also designed to satisfy discussion rather than stir controversy. Selma It received an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture and a statuette for Original Song common And John legend. Available on Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, now.

Loving (2016)

that of Jeff Nichols It is by far the best film of the year, and is a modest and simple story of an illegal love story simply because of the color of the couple’s skin. Ruth Negga And Joel Edgerton They are simply heartbreaking in their whispered explanations, Michael Shannon In one sequence it leaves its mark. Loving It is a hymn to civil resistance, to the power of common sense justice. An exemplary work, honest, profound, but inert in its own way. nice movie. Beautiful. Available on Google Play and Amazon Prime Video.

Freedom Walk (2017)

We conclude with a biopic of Thurgood Marshall before he entered the Supreme Court, bent on one of the cases that made him famous in his day in defense of unjustly accused black people. Chadwick Boseman In the lead role he has a charismatic personality alongside him Kate Hudson Smooth to the point, the other supporting actors do well. March for freedom (silly italian title) it does it right despite being a possibly too academic product. Worth seeing for the importance of the event and the character. Available on kiloGoogle Play and Amazon Prime Video.

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