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Boggio from the USA between volleyball and classic lettering

Boggio from the USA between volleyball and classic lettering


S. Stefano – Valdimagra Volley Group brings homegrown volleyball to America… Aside from banter, there’s not only Laura Masciullo among her “predecessors” who recently got people talking about how beach volleyball is heating up in the US. In fact, there is also on the male front Tiziano Poggio who will be remembered by many in Zephyr Trading (in Zephyr Trading in Serie C and little in B) with a quick appearance in Avis Spezia.

Well, Poggio won the Ohio Volleyball Conference some time ago in the University of Cincinnati team, where he plays the batsman: a role in which he even in Italy disassociated himself from his substitution with the opposite role.

Tiziano has just returned home where he will stay for a few months, then he will leave for Cincinnati, where he actually earned a degree in classics within 3 years. Now another doctorate awaits him with a thesis on the epic poet Lucano. For enrollment, he has already obtained this degree from the University of Pisa.

The future in the aftermath of this five-year grant? It will depend on the occasions. In the meantime, he gives him some advice, not to abandon the combination of culture and sport; Highly compatible and not only in “states”.

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