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Radio signals detected by Venus, who inhabits it?

Parker It is one of the most advanced and special sensors ever built NASA. A jewel of technology and resistance also because its tasks are really tough. Just think it is being used for studying destination And searched Veneer As the temperature reaches I. 450 ° C. Non-summer is worse than an oven. But a rumor recently leaked from NASA about one of its missions11 July 2020. On that date, Parker had reached Venus at a distance of approx 800 kilometers Off the roof. The amazing thing is that at that moment the probe revealed gods Radio signals. Why is the US space agency talking about him only now? World Health Organization Spirits This inhospitable planet? Let’s find out a file Ambiguity.

NASA confirms that Parker recorded a low-frequency radio signal

It Low frequency radio signal What Parker recorded during the inspection of Venus on July 11, 2020. Other information also came to NASA from the mission, but this information really surprised everyone. That there is a population Aliens On Venus? strange shapes The one who saw a body floating at an altitude of 800 km tried Telecommunications With him?

None of this, we can be calm or frustrated depending on one’s way of thinking. In fact, NASA scientists discovered a similar signal when using the probe Galileo, Arrived to Moon of Jupiter. practically Every 11 years After its natural cycle, the Sun is reversing the North Pole while the South Pole slowly changes its position. This phenomenon, in addition to improving the protection of our planet from cosmic rays, creates A. Low frequency Parker recorded it as close to the surface of Venus.

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There is no alien or alien inhabiting Venus

In conclusion it can be said that There is no extraterrestrial or alien form inhabiting Venus. This twin planet on Earth, but at the same time different in terms of hospitality, with its conditions hardly allow any being to live there. However, these phenomena testify to NASA useful information To deepen the shape of this planet and how the distance from the Sun has affected the Earth’s evolution.

Meanwhile, NASA is preparing for the flight to the moon, but something With musk It does not work. There will be under the hand Bezos?