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Bodo Glimt - Roma 6-1: Mourinho's Gelorossi disaster, a humiliation and is now second in Group C standings.

Bodo Glimt – Roma 6-1: Mourinho’s Gelorossi disaster, a humiliation and is now second in Group C standings.

Incredible disaster from Rome Who, on the third day of Group C of the Conference League, succeeded in making up for a historic and humiliating 6-1 defeat against the Norwegians from Bodo Glimt. The Giallorossi’s performance is embarrassing Jose MourinhoPut it in the game and in rhythm from the first minute to the last minute. The defeat also cost first place in the group standings: Roma stopped at 6, and Bodo Glimt now tops 7. Carles Perez’s only useless goal by the Giallorossi in the 1-2 moment. Among the Norwegians to report on the impressive performance of Botheim, the author of 2 goals and 3 assists.

Roma players disappointment – Bodo Glimt-Roma Conference League 2021-22

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Match Report

European Conference League

Bodo Glimt-Roma 6-1, Report Cards: Villar nullo, Kumbulla Horror

27 minutes ago


Budo’s glimmer (4-3-3): Heiken. Sampsted, Moe, Lode (81′ Hoibraaten), Bjorkan; Witt (81′ Wittelsen), Berg, Konradsen (92′ Hagen); Solbakken (87′ Compson), Bothem, Pellegrino (87′ Mugisha). All.: Knutsen.

Rome (4-2-3-1): Rui Patricio Reynolds, Ibanez, Cumbula, Calafiore; Diawara (60′ Pellegrini), Darboe (46′ Cristante); Carles Perez, Villar (46 Mkhitaryan), El Shaarawy (60 Abraham); Borja Mayoral (46′ Shumorodov). Everyone.: Mourinho.

Rule: Ali Blabek (Turkey).

Goal: 8′ Bothem (m), 20′ Berg (m), 28′ Carles Perez (right), 52′ Bothem (m), 71′ Solbakken (m), 78′ Pellegrino (m), 80′ Bothem (m).

help: Feet (B, 1-0), Bothem (B, 2-0), Diawara (right, 2-1), Sampstead (B, 3-1), Bothem (B, 4-1), Bothem (middle, 5) -1), Pellegrino (b, 6-1).

Warnings: Ludd (b), Darbo (right).

note – Retrieve 1′ + 2′.

The facts in 9 key moments

8′ GOL DEL BODO GLIMT! Bothem! 1-0 Cadence for the Norwegians on the right, he enters the area and unloads a call-ball for Buttheim, who controls and stabs Roy Patricio with a low slasher shot from the right. With the help of vet. Giallorossi directly below.

16′ Bodo glimpse one step from 2-0! Konradsen starts the ball and chain and cuts through the middle, pounces on a rebound and shoots head-on with Rui Patricio who somehow manages to block.

20′ GOL DEL BODO GLIMT! Mountain! 2-0! Bodo Glimt captain talks with Botheim, holds left from the edge of the area and sends the ball under the crosshairs of the goalposts. Roy Patricio flies but he can’t get there. With the help of Bothem.

28′ GOOOOOLLL ROME! Carles Perez! 2-1! A great deep throw by Diawara for the Spaniard, who has already put the ball in with great control and bags with the left inside in the corner pocket. With the help of Diawara. The game was reopened, and Rome woke up.

46′ Point What a chance for a glossy body! Uncontrollable Solbakken on the right: a cross in the middle of the box for Pellegrino who hits his head alone but fails to frame the goal face. Rome was saved.

52′ GOL DEL BODO GLIMT! Bothem! 3-1! Loud naivety for Diwara defending a ball on the baseline, but if it is blown away by Sampstead. An exhaust for Botheim who, alone in the center of the area, picks with his right hand, and seals his two personal wives. With the help of Sampstead.

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71′ BODO GLITTER GOAL! Solbakken! 4-1! Botheim’s deep launch for Solbakken who quickly burns Kumbulla and flies alone towards Rui Patricio. Left winning and poker for Norwegians. With the help of Bothem.

78′ BODO GLITTER GOAL! Pilgrim! 5-1! Botheim at the rear with Pellegrino, Roma’s defense went and Bodo’s striker easily beats Rui Patricio. With the help of Bothem.

80′ GOL DEL BODO GLIMT! Bothem! 6-1! Bothheim settles alone with Roma’s defenders completely halted, dribbling Rui Patricio and giving left bags. Unbelievable in Bodo.

social moment


Eric Bothem – Bodo Glimt striker gives himself an evening of 2 goals and 3 assists. It cannot be contained, a hurricane hits Rome’s defense.

the worst

Gonzalo Villar – Literally invisible. It touches very few balls and is dominated by the rhythm and physicality of the opponents. weird body

Mourinho: “Zaniolo can do it for Napoli”

European Conference League

Bodo Glimt-Roma 6-1, Report Cards: Villar nullo, Kumbulla Horror

27 minutes ago


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