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Poland, the migrants refused, using tear gas and fire hydrants: "They attacked us."  Russia: "Unacceptable."  Minsk: "Let's start the investigation"

Poland, the migrants refused, using tear gas and fire hydrants: “They attacked us.” Russia: “Unacceptable.” Minsk: “Let’s start the investigation”

Tear and water taps against immigrants The camp on the border between Poland NS Belarus. police Warsaw He resorts to the use of force against thousands of people stranded in the border region, which for weeks has now been a battleground betweenEuropean Union And the government of the president Alexander Lukashenko It is played on the skin of people fleeing from the Middle East and Central Asia. Today, after the support received in the past few hours by the leaders Brussels On the The legitimate defense of the external borders of the European Union, the executive branch headed by Matthews Moraveki Border forces were used to fend off attempts by migrants to overcome the barriers. It is unclear whether the decision was made, as the executive claims, after throwing stones by migrants behind barbed wire, or if the clash arose in reaction to police action condemned by both Belarus and He flies.

In the circulating photos you can clearly see me water pumps Fire on people at the border, completely wet, at the crossing koznica bruzzi, one of the arrival points chosen by hundreds of migrants who have gathered in the cold for days trying to enter Poland. The Ministry of Defense itself justified by saying that the military action was in response to an “attack” by immigrants, who allegedly threw stones and other objects at the soldiers. And they were also supplied by Belarusians, they add sound bombs. In today’s clashes, a Polish policeman was badly injured The Polish police added on Twitter, that the man was evacuated from the area due to a stone blow to the head.

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Now, they assure us from Warsaw, status “calm down”. Police spokesperson, Marius Ciarca, it was reported that the migrants stormed the border separating barrier, equipped with tear gas supplied by the Belarusian forces, and threw stones at the agents. They responded with tear gas and fire hydrants and monitored the situation with a Drone. Border Guard spokesperson, Anna MichalskaIt was mentioned that about two thousand immigrants were at the crossing and about a hundred were involved in what was known as a “Attack on Polish forces”.

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, condemned Poland’s use of tear gas, calling it unacceptableWhile the Belarusian border guards announced that Investigation will begin On the use of force by Warsaw forces in foreign lands: the Belarusian spokesman said: “Violent actions against persons on the territory of another state are considered.” Anton BychkovskyQuoted from the agency Belta. Then the Minsk government added that it was ready to receive all migrants in a logistics center near the border crossing my prozgeAs reported by the Assistant to the President of Belarus in the Grodno region, Yuri KaraevHe stressed that “all migrants will be able to remain in the center until the problem is resolved.” Small groups of migrants are already moving to the logistics center located about 1.5 kilometers from the Polish border and equipped with mattresses, with about 2,000 blankets arriving from Minsk.

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