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Blue 'Cheers' for Dimitrov at Indian Wells - OA Sport

Blue ‘Cheers’ for Dimitrov at Indian Wells – OA Sport

An evolving situation that must be pursued in order to qualify for the upcoming ATP Finals to be held in Turin from 2021. From November 14 to 21, Italy will be the North Star of tennis, and even if there is no mathematical certainty, it can be said that a representative of Bill Paisi will be there. He’s talking about Matteo Berrettini. Blue’s participation, as it is known, depends on the position in the season’s performance rating (ATP Race). The Romanian, in the current state of things, is in sixth place, taking into account the margin against the competition, already pawned in the pass, and returned to the top eight.

different words about Yannick Sener. South Tyrol is No. 10 in this ranking and would be in this case. However, interesting assumptions can be made. Certainly, the Spaniards Rafael Nadal (8 of the race) There will be no injury and this really frees up a place. Obviously the ‘match’ should be played on the Norwegian Casper Road (vii) The Polish Hubert Hurkacz (9), even if the difference is small: 420 points from a Norse and 360 from a Hurkacz.

With this in mind Yannick’s presence in AnversA, Next week’s championship that awards 250 points if a win is important, considering that Rudd and the Hurcocks will not participate and they have ended their Indian Wells experience as an expert.

Classification Update ATP RACE

1 Novak Djokovic 8370
2 Daniel Medvedev 6470
3 Stefanos Tsitsipas 5650
4 Alexander Zverev 5095
5 Andrei Rublev 4165
6 Matteo Berrettini 4000
7 Casper Rod 3015
8 Rafael Nadal 2985
9- Hubert Hurkacz 2955
10 Yannick Sener 2595
11 Felix Auger-Aliassime 2330
12 Cameron Norrie 2200

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However, only from the California championship, other hardships could come. The name is the name of the British Cameron Norrie. Surprisingly, the UK player has reached the semi-finals of the US 1000 and will face the Bulgarian tomorrow Grigor Dimitrov to reach the final. Nouri currently has 2,200 points and is 12th in the race. TheHowever, in case of qualification in the final class, the points will be 2440 and in case of absolute success the quota reached will be equal to 2840.

From these numbers, it can be understood that the British can become a Another discount for Sinner As a master at the end of the year. So, as it happened yesterday, Yannick will “cheer” for Dimitrov Who, having done a “service” to eliminate Hurkacz, will have to respond to His Majesty’s tennis player.

Photo: La Presse