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Polestar Concept O2, the aluminum electric car that paves the way for a new generation of sports cars

Polestar Concept O2, the aluminum electric car that paves the way for a new generation of sports cars

Building on the stylistic language and different building solutions of the 2021 Precept proposal, Polestar’s second concept car – called the O2 – is the Swedish manufacturer’s vision for an “electric” driving experience that combines all the benefits of battery-powered mobility with the benefits of en plein air travel, but also a means To keep one away from parent Volvo. “The O2 Concept is the emblematic car of our brand” – said Thomas Enginlat, CEO of Polestar – and opens a window into the secret door to our potential future. It is actually a taste of what we can create and design using the talent and technology we have in-house. It looks amazing: lowering the roof and not hearing the engine noise is a prerequisite for sensations that you have not experienced before ». Developed in-house by the research and development team at Polestar in the UK, this innovative ‘electrical discovery’ is based on a coherent aluminum platform derived from the Polestar 5 platform.

High quality and hardness The aluminum platform is designed for greater dynamic response, as well as smaller roll angles and high damping for body movements that contribute to a nimble and direct driving feel. The Polestar O2 is our proposal for a new generation of sports car – stated Maximilian Missoni, Head of Design at Polestar – and combines open driving pleasure with the purity of electric mobility. It does this by unlocking a new mix of feelings one feels in the “car”. The look of the Polestar O2 underscores how the evolution of the brand’s design language can be adapted to different body styles, while maintaining a strong shared identity. In this case, the body is low and wide with sporty suspension and a compact 2+2 passenger compartment. The minimal overhangs and long wheelbase exemplify the proportions of a classic sports car but with a distinctly modern and electric touch. Polestar O2 also shows advances in sustainability and technology. The new monomer thermoplastic (recycled polyester) is the only material used for all the soft components of the interior: foam, adhesives, 3D knitted fibers and non-woven fabric laminated panels.

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simplify solution Recycling is an important step towards greater circularity, while reducing weight and waste. In a world increasingly driven by social media, Polestar O2 also brings with it technology innovation designed to create photos and videos while travelling. The vehicle is actually equipped with an integrated autonomous drone for video shooting. Developed in collaboration with Aerofugia Hoco Flow, the drone can be used while the car is in motion and is housed in a compartment behind the back seats in a quiet area. At this point, negative pressure allows for autonomous take-off and landing at a speed of up to 90 km / h.