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Bitcoin is under pressure and now the downturn can be very strong

Bitcoin is under pressure and now the downturn can be very strong

Bitcoin (BTC EUR), Since the beginning of the year, the minimum has been set at 22658.90 and the maximum at 54229.70. Currently, it stands at around 40,543 + 0.24%.

As stated in previous reports, prices have exceeded our expectations for the current year. In fact, they were:

The minimum waiting area is 13,599 / 18765

The maximum waiting area is 34156 / 37.543.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen a sharp drop from our highs. An opportunity to buy or is better to leave it waiting for more minimum in the coming weeks? What is our point of view? Our research department recommendation is as follows: Bitcoin is under pressure and now the drop could be very strong. So be warned, if something doesn’t change in the next few days, it may also soon return to its lows in the year!

When many expressed doubts about the future of cryptocurrencies, our employees I mentioned several times Over the past year, potential strength, we have repeatedly recommended buying Bitcoin between EUR 5000 and 8000.

Now is the time to reflect and “let the graphs speak” that excludes, the present, the past, and the future and shows the most reliable way to proceed without leaving room for memorization.

Is this the right time to keep focusing on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies or is it better now to target other shores?

Bitcoin is under pressure and now the downturn can be very strong

A few weeks ago, we recommended closing 50% off Long term positions Upside down, what do you do now?

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Our investment strategy

March 21 at These pages In region 48.149.08 we wrote:

What are our expectations for the next six months?

We have a 50% chance of next level adjustment over the next 12 months:

37172 is 75% instead of 44429.

What are we waiting for today, after we nearly hit the goal of 37.172 in recent days?

Until there is a weekly close above 49.034, the downtrend may continue to 36000 then towards 28000. If the May close is below 38891 we will close the remaining long term positions that are still in progress.

We’ll go step by step.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings for this article, which they can refer Who is the”)