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Biggest Catheter Fraud Costs US Healthcare System $2 Billion

Biggest Catheter Fraud Costs US Healthcare System $2 Billion

The maximum fraud in catheters in the United States may be about 2 billion dollars, of which he now writes The Washington PostThe FBI is also investigating. The National Association of Accountable Care Organizations (Naaco) discovered the fraudulent fencing by receiving numerous reports from citizens enrolled in the federal health insurance program for people over age 65, established by President Lyndon Johnson in the 1960s. Reports include invoices for catheters patients did not order or receive. This time, the case appears to involve seven medical device companies that have increased the number of invoices from 14 to 406 thousand in two years.

I am L The Washington Post He writes that he has confirmed from anonymous sources that some federal officials are investigating maxi-fraud, while the FBI has been unable to confirm or deny the existence of an investigation. Nago's performance inspired an investigation that President Cliff Goss said had never seen anything like it. “Where do you find half a million names and ID numbers of Medicare beneficiaries? There must have been a breach somewhere in the healthcare system,” the association's president tries to surmise. According to The Washington Post, facilitated the success of the fraud – at least up to a certain point – precisely because the scheme was adopted by the companies involved. In general, indeed, catheters are inexpensive and this characteristic allows them to escape the strict controls required for other medical devices. But with larger orders, as press reports suggest, fraudsters can make even bigger profits.

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