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USA: "We need to save", the "neutral" advice of the CEO of a supermarket chain

USA: “We need to save”, the “neutral” advice of the CEO of a supermarket chain

The neutral and non-secret advice of the CEO of a supermarket chain comes from the United States: You need to save on food inflation.

Give United States Is coming Consultation with the CEO of a supermarket chain: Due to rising food inflation, this is good Hoarding Now. This seems a bit strange and probably not really “neutral” because the source is the owner of a group of supermarkets.

The CEO in question is John Katzimatidis, who is a billionaire Cristets supermarket chain in New York City. The CEO urged Americans to “buy” nowFood inflation It will only get worse.

John Cotsymatitis

Well, in his view it is logical: he sells, so logic motivates you to buy. Catsimatidis argued his advice “Minor discrimination” It expects new increases of 12 to 20% in April and May.

According to the CEO, it is better for Americans to store their favorite products now “Get the best return on investment” Finished, especially when I was Prices will rise In 3 or 4 months.

TheSwelling It has reached its peak in the last 40 years, rising to 7.9%. And this is mainly the reasonRising gas prices.

However, there is a solution to this as well. The fact that he’s the CEO of United Refining certainly does not affect his advice: if President Biden had informed the CEO in practice ‘Energy freedom By changing its policies, gas and oil prices will be lower.

According to Catsimatidis, North America can produce 50 million barrels a day, thus freeing it from energy vision. So why should it OPEC must depend on RussiaFrom Venezuela and other foreign sources?

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