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weather forecast. Cold air blows from northern Europe, and temperatures drop over Italy. This is how long it will last «3B Meteo

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Thermal drop
Thermal drop

Cold air comes from northern Europe. The deepening vortex around Italy is fed by cold air from high European latitudes that flows into Italy, which determines, among other things, conditions of instability in the center and south. According to the temperature They taper off a bit throughout the boot, So much so that the trend of the past month has been completely reversed, as it was marked by temperatures almost constantly above normal. The update will continue for the next few hours, with values ​​compared to the middle of the week losing up to 10°C and more in some areas.

Minimum of 5 degrees Celsius in the north. In the northern regions The ingress of cold currents will be felt first of all at minimum values, with a column of mercury that can drop at night and at dawn to 5°C in the Po Valley, locally below in the open countryside between Sunday and Monday. A similar situation is also expected in much of the central regions, particularly in the interior of Tuscany, Umbria and the Marche, where nighttime evacuations will allow the plume to drop broadly to below 10°C between Sunday and Monday. On the other hand, the daylight hours will be more fun Thanks to the presence of the sun: 15 ° C is easily reached and is often exceeded in the north-central regions.

Low temperatures in the south. The drop in temperatures also affects southern Italy, where there is a drop of more than 5 degrees Celsius compared to Friday. In the next few days it will recover some degrees, but it hardly reaches or exceeds 20 degrees Celsius, except for some areas of the main islands.

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High temperatures in the middle of the week. However, by the middle of next week, the climate will be back down again. The cold flow from the northern latitudes will stop completely and It will be replaced by the anticyclone strengthening from the Iberian Peninsula and by milder flows rising from the southwestern quarters. This will keep us company for a few days, accompanied, among other things, by the entry of the Atlantic front between Wednesday and Thursday in the northern center.

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