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Big Brother, Giuseppe and Anita closed: “That's enough for me…”

Big Brother, Giuseppe and Anita closed: “That's enough for me…”

Last night during the Big Brother live broadcast Giuseppe Garibaldi and Anita Olivieri discussed their relationship again: it now seems unrecoverable.

Last night, Monday, March 4, during the live broadcast of Big brother The two ex-boyfriends now Giuseppe Garibaldi H Anita Olivieri They faced each other. Mosul Alfonso Signorini She tried to explain them and give them a chance to make peace, but the Roman seemed more than determined to end his friendship with the Calabrian janitor.

Big Brother, the relationship between Garibaldi and Anita at the end of the line: “That's enough!”

friendship between Giuseppe Garibaldi H Anita Olivieri Which was born when the two contestants entered a house Big brother It seems like it's really over. The forty-first episode of the reality show was broadcast yesterday, Monday, March 4, 2024, and included several episodes Clashes and misunderstandings: For the young Romanian in particular, it was full of very emotionally charged moments. Mosul Alfonso Signorini Try to give her a chance to reconcile with her friend and the tenant.

I always tried to talk to him before arguing. But before the episode, he comes to me and says he wants to solve it, then he watches the clips and does the show. So Alfonso is enough for me. He is interested in judging people, and seeks approval. He should enjoy our relationship without worry. We always talked about our problems, I told him that I was starting to experience our relationship in a heavy way

Garibaldi did not share the same opinion, claiming that Anita “flipped the omelet” several times. Once the live episode ended, the two tenants found themselves in the room talking, but their discussion did not lead to the desired conclusion. The young Romanian is now decisive.

I don't want to come back to us, I don't care anymore, enough! I told everyone, that's enough here, we live abroad because I want to try this thing abroad, and I don't want to spoil everything more. I didn't say it was over. You know how I am, and you can't change me… You came to attack me… I don't care what others think about our relationship. I don't want to explain and then argue again. I love you the same way, but I decided to live it up. Not long, we're calm. I want to be with you, but I don't want to fight. I can not do that

Reply from Giuseppe Garibaldi It didn't take long to arrive. The Calabrian young man admitted that in his opinion they should have been more “tight”, but instead they ended up attacking each other. “After we discussed, if you come to hug me… then it will all be over. I never asked you to change“, he declared.

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