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Cruel or Christian, who eliminated the friends of 2022?  / Todaro dancer exit

Cruel or Christian, who eliminated the friends of 2022? / Todaro dancer exit

After recent ritual performances in the studio, boys Friends 21 They return home, excited to see who will be the second to be eliminated from the March 26, 2022 episode. Crytical and Christian I worry when Maria De Filippi calls the little house to announce the name of the excluded. screams intense, admitting that he worries about what awaits him outside: “When I see so many people clapping and yelling my name, I feel good, I feel understood. This rarely happens to me. Thinking about the possibility of a final exit destabilizes me,” he admits.

On the contrary, Christians are calm and actually eat with others. He will explain that the reason is the satisfaction of a good dance tonight. Maria de Filippi will then announce that he must drop out of school: Christian is the second to be eliminated tonight. (Updated by Anna Montesano)

Crytical in danger of being eliminated

At the end of the third heat in the evening of the second day Friends 21, Bettinelli and Pepparini’s team is once again the defeated team. Two out of two, unfortunately, for this team that, at the moment, is unable to participate. This is how three students risk being eliminated: Albee, Critical and John Eric. The three boys play their part again as the jury decides to rescue Albee after carefully observing her. So, one Bettinelli singer is back but not the other. John Eric is saved and Criticale ends up on the ballot for disqualification. One between him and Christian will definitely have to leave the show tonight. (Updated by Anna Montesano)

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Christian is on the ballot for the second time

After Lorella Coccarini and Raimundo Todaro’s team wins in the first torch, they have already called up Celentano and Zerbe to give them a second boost. Despite the success of the first, the second ends up with a reverse score and thus puts the Cuccarini-Todaro teammates at risk. I ended up in danger Christian, Nunzio and Alex But, after the first performances before the jury, Alex immediately returned to the team. Therefore, Nunzio and Christian again find themselves before the jury who, for the second time, award Nunzio, sending Christian to the ballot for disqualification. This is the second time for him in two episodes. (Updated by Anna Montesano)

Croatian and Christian in Amici Ballot 2022

Until the second evening of Amici evening 2022 Provides for double elimination. Today, March 26, 2022, the Amici 21 students return to the stage for a new challenge that, like last week, includes a live elimination that will arrive during the first heat, and will instead be announced at the end of the next two. the heat.

Crytical and Christian They are the two names threatened with exclusion on the evening of the second day of Amici 21, and it will be announced at the end of the second and third half. Christian, She is a dancer from Raimondo Todaro, and therefore belongs to the Todaro-Cuccarini team, and Critical, Schoolgirl of Anna Pettinelli, and therefore belongs to the Pettinelli-Peparini team. As happened last year, also in this evening edition of Amici 2022, the elimination was not announced live, but at home, at the end of the episode.

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Crytical and Christian, Previews: Here’s who’s been deleted from the first episode of Emichi Evening 2022

Crytical and Christian Find out the result of the challenge at the end of the evening Amici 2022 at home. Once the challenge ended in the studio, all the students who had been in the competition went home for several months to find out the name of the excluded. Maria de Filippi reached out to them and, having prepared them for the news, announced the name. But which of the two had to drop out of school and compete? According to web previews, the second episode that was deleted from the first episode of Yesterday 2022 is Christian. Thus, Christian is saved from disqualification for the second time in a row, but, apparently, continues not to impress the jury at Amici 21.

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