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Teramo – Training Module “”The challenges of the current economy: an educational proposal”, organized in cooperation with the School of Civil Economics and the Bolo Training School in District 4 of the Teramo District “Zippilli Noè Lucidi” and with funding from the Tercas Foundation.

Aimed at all teachers (registration code SOFIA 75041), the initiative aims to make teachers aware of the ethical and anthropological challenges that underlie a rethinking of teaching and to provide tools that allow them to formulate critical economic thinking about economic, environmental and social sustainability, in order to raise awareness of the choices and consequences of each activity. Regarding legitimacy, the constitution and use of profit, production and consumption, the environment, and the role of technologies and finance in the logic of civil economics. The course will provide participating educators and classes with important insights to provide new meaning for concepts such as the public good, relational goods, networks, collaborative economics, “bottom-up” processes, and economic democracy.

President Tiziana sante It emphasizes how we teach our children in school that all human actions, and therefore also “economic” actions, cannot ignore the respect and appreciation of each person and must lead us to happiness, understood as the full realization of ourselves, which is one of the most relevant goals of the Tercas Foundation .

Professor Lea Valéry welcomed with great enthusiasm the opportunity – thanks to the commitment of the Tercas Foundation – which aims to support, through this course, the promotion of the purposes of Law 92/19 – which provides civic education at all school levels – to “promote full and informed participation in life civil, cultural and social societies, in accordance with the rules, rights and duties” (Article 1, paragraph 1).

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The series of meetings coordinated by Professor Beatriz Sereno, Professor of Economics and Law at the High School and School Sector Coordinator of the Faculty of Civil Economics of Fegelein and Ennissa Valdarno, includes Lectio Magistralis by the Professor. Stefano Zamagni and will have a total duration of 25 hours. The lectures will be face-to-face on September 5 and 6 and will continue with webinars scheduled in January and March and the last face-to-face meeting to be held next June.

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