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NASA's New Moon Mission, a Simulation System Created by UNICAL

NASA’s New Moon Mission, a Simulation System Created by UNICAL

There’s also a little Calabria on the mission Artemiswhich was scheduled to leave only yesterday for the moon and whose launch, due to an engine problem, was postponed to September 2.

L ‘University of Calabria He co-created a simulation system called SpaceFom. The team includes Engineer Alfredo Jarro, Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering at UNICAL.

Garro was also, in the biennium 20/21, Head of Italian Systems Engineering (Systems Engineering), a position first entrusted to an academic.

“Getting accreditation was not easy, it was a very long process: we started in 2013 with an international project led by NASA – tells AGI Jarrow – in which several universities participated, where it was necessary to simulate a lunar settlement and Unical team achieved excellent resultsAnd that led me and engineer Alberto Falcone to spend one year, in 2016, in Houston, at the NASA Lyndon Johnson Space Center.”

Garro explains that the collaboration “continued and allowed the definition of the SpaceFom Standard and other mission results, some of which are highly classified. The standard – adds Garro – is the result of the activity of an international committee, which I had the honor of being elected Vice-Chair, and defines the rules, protocols, solutions and models used by Artemis Mission Simulation Program partners” .

Artemis is in the first stage, but it will continue with the second and third stages, that In 2026, you must again bring the man, as well as the first woman, to the moon. Stable settling on lunar soil is believed to be the first stop on a journey to Mars. Missions must be simulated and monitored. Then we move on to the actual operation stage. The program is funded with $35 billion by the US government and also includes the European Space Agency (ESA), Italy (ASI), Japanese (Jaxa), UK (UK Space Agengy) and Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

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It is a very ambitious program and we are proud to be involved in it. The ultimate goal is still Mars – says Jarrow – but for now we’re aiming to leave on September 2.” A mission that will also truly launch the University of Calabria among the great universities in the world, with repercussions also for the region, as It is hoped that many spin-off companies will be born.