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Because Toninelli will have to pay Berlusconi 200 thousand euros

Because Toninelli will have to pay Berlusconi 200 thousand euros

Layer of 5 star motion, Danilo Toninelli, You run the risk of having to pay Berlusconi A large sum. It’s Toninelli with a video on the internet to make the truth public.

The claim comes directly from the lawyers President of Forza Italia The controversy between the two will have its roots even in 2017.

Let’s see Why Toninelli, In complete uniformity as expressed by all M5S, Risks of paying 200 thousand euros Berlusconi and what the controversy is.

In short, who is Danilo Toninelli

Danilo Toninelli An Italian politician, chairman of the parliamentary committee of the Movimondo 5 Stell and Minister of Infrastructure and Transport during the first Conte government.

Prior to his appointment as Minister, he served as Deputy Speaker and later Senator in the Seventeenth Legislature, as well as Chairman of the Senate Committee on the M5S in the Eighteenth Year.

What happened: The affair with Berlusconi

Toninelli says one post video on Facebook Berlusconi is asking for less than 200 thousand euros for damages because he was charged Slander.

The news is real, in fact, on June 17 this year, Toninelli was prosecuted For some of the slanders that make up the civil crime about the period 2017 to 2019 by the President of Forza Italy.

Because Berlusconi loves money

The libel case concerns the use of communication and social networking through the Internet. In fact, this is precisely for some reason Online announcements Berlusconi is seeking compensation for the damage.

In particular, about this “Defamation and Torture” As announced by Berlusconi’s lawyer’s letter shown in the video – with public statements via the Internet.

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The statements that led to the lawsuit against Berlusconi’s plot 5 star motion Then they will appear as more than one. For example, the layer of Forza Italia is defined by Tonelli as an image “Unrepresentable”, “A firm punishment for tax fraud” One more thing “Comedy” That’s one “Liar”.

Toninelli’s answer

Answer Toninelli It has always come up on the internet and is very controversial. The 5 star layer, in fact, starts the video by saying that it is 200 thousand euros for a politician “If you have a scholarship” They are nothing, but to another they may be many, in fact, Declares that he does not have this number.

“These are the consequences for honest and courageous people” – The M5S, which wants to build a better policy, continues Toninelli’s layer “For the benefit of the citizens”.

Berlusconi’s lawyer’s denial

However, on the other hand, complicating the matter The denial is coming Silvio Berlusconi’s lawyer, Nicola Kedini, Which seems to prove it all.

This is actually – according to the lawyer – the opposite: That may not be true Berlusconi has sued Senator Toninelli, but the president of the M5S has filed a lawsuit against the leader of the Forza Italia.

However, Berlusconi’s lawyers would have collected some of what they did “Countless” Reports by Senator Toninelli With the intention of proposing a civil and conciliatory petition.

Unity of M5S

Gianluca Castaldi, Senator M5S, who knows the subject matter of Toninelli His total similarity Announces to colleague and friend that it seemed to him “The world began to turn upside down”.

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Castaldi confirmed – via video filmed directly by Toninelli after receiving the complaint – that he was a member 5 star motion He does not have a swollen wallet like the Forza Italia politician.

“That would be great” – Then he adds Costaldi – That “Instead of engaging in complaints” Berlusconi and his party also started “Give back to the citizens”.