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US 2024, "Biden sees himself as best choice against Trump"

US 2024, “Biden sees himself as best choice against Trump”

The long-term reflection opens for US President Joe Biden to decide whether to reapply for the White House, which includes discussions with his wife Jill, considerations of how a new race might affect the family, including possible congressional hearings. His son. An important personal decision, over which hangs the shadow of Donald Trump, who Biden has often tried to ignore, whose legacy he has tried to destroy.

In describing the choice facing the current US president in these terms, the Washington Post recalls that Biden felt motivated to run largely because he saw himself in the best position to defeat Donald Trump. He still sees Trump’s ouster from the White House as one of his greatest contributions to his country. With Trump looking like the future Republican nominee — an announcement could come as soon as September — Biden says he’s still in a good position to beat him.

The current president may run for re-election anyway, depending on who is closest to him, but if Trump takes the field, Biden is more likely to do so as well. If Trump decides to drop out, it will be easy for other Democrats to reach out to Biden and propose that they ask someone else to challenge the younger Republican nominee.

As for the race against Trump, Biden “sees himself as the best choice,” says Ted Kaufman, a longtime Biden adviser and confidant. “But the bottom line is, how will you feel if he doesn’t and Trump is elected president? A chance to reiterate his false claims that he’s the real winner in 2020. Trump’s impeachment and proving his victory is a no-brainer.

But there is an underlying fear among some Democrats about Biden’s chances against Trump or another Republican. The president has faced an extraordinarily difficult period in his presidency. Its approval ratings are at all-time lows, and a recent New York Times-Siena College poll found 64% of Democrats said they would prefer a different candidate in 2024.

However, the president’s supporters argue that he is the only person who can defeat Trump and that he is in a unique position to assemble a winning coalition of centrists and liberals, with strong support from the black community.

For now, no meaningful alternative to Biden has emerged within the Democratic Party, despite frustration, particularly on the left, for a perceived commitment that isn’t passionate enough in the face of an aggressive GOP. “Some people questioned Biden’s chances, but they didn’t come up with a replacement plan. They criticized him,” says Ben LaBolt, a strategist who worked for Obama’s re-election campaign and as an adviser on Biden’s transition team. Vice President Harris.

As for Biden, in an interview with an Israeli broadcaster last week, he simply asserted: “The only thing I know about politics, and especially American politics, is that there’s no way to predict what’s going to happen.” “My tenure is not even halfway through yet. So there is plenty of time to understand.”

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