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The Israeli studio announced cases of myocarditis among young people. Details »

Pfizer Vaccine: The Israeli studio announced cases of myocarditis among young people. the details

Cases of myocarditis among young people after Pfizer vaccinationIn the spotlight, on the topic VaccinesIs there in the last few hours Pfizer. According to one Israeli studyAnd the Also reported by the newspaper ProphetAnd the Will be 275 More than 5 million people have been vaccinated I almost complications related to Myocarditis (Heart infection causes heart failure) in youth (male) Between 16 and 30 years old.
The Pfizer She was asked and said she is aware of Israeli studies, but this No link found Causality between vaccine and infections.

From studying we learn that There is a risk of developing myocarditis after Pfizer vaccination. In recent days, some US research has warned of rare cases of myocarditis that appeared in young people after the second dose of the mRna vaccine. ‘Benefits of Covid vaccination’ with Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and Moderna mRna significantly outweigh the rare and potential risks of cardiac complications, including myocarditis”. This was stated in a joint note byAmerican Heart Association (ahh) andAmerican Stroke Association (Asa) who added: “We strongly urge all adults and children aged 12 and over to undergo the Covid vaccination as soon as possible, as stated in a note. Evidence continues to point to this COVID-19 vaccines are nearly 100% effective in preventing deaths and hospitalization due to SARS-CoV-2 infection.”

When do the effects of any myocarditis appear? Within 4 days of administration, in males more than in females and after the second dose more frequently than in the first. However, cardiologists are reassured, emphasizing precisely that the benefits of injection shield far outweigh the risks.

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