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Previsioni meteo per la prossima settimana

Next week, in the Cypio problem, strong storms are coming from the north to the south; Trend »

Weather: Next week, Scipio in trouble, strong storms coming from the north to the south; Trend

Weather forecast for next weekThe great heat that characterized the last period may meet a decisive stop next week. This The most important message This is evident from the latest updates: the African Anticyclone Cypio is actually in trouble due to the entry of unstable currents capable of causing severe storms from north to south from the North Atlantic.

Analyzing the general synoptic picture, there is still the Atlantic Ocean between Greenland and Iceland. Large area of ​​low pressure Filled with cold and unstable air of polar origin. Over the next few days this mighty system will fall at latitude until it makes an impact in Europe; Then new and unstable currents will flow from depression towards Italy, which will give a definite event.

The first weather is expected to worsen June 7 Tuesday and at least Thursday 9th, While waiting for credit Intense rain Thundershowers from both the regions North. Attention, because of the high amount of energy involved (strong differences between the humidity and heat in the lower layers of the atmosphere previously carried by the anticyclone) and the completely different air masses, the ideal conditions for the growth of attractive cells are created. Thunderstorms can trigger internally Heavy winds and hail.
Later, parts of the erosion center and a portion of the southern hemisphere (especially in the Apennines and adjacent areas) may experience severe storms and low heat values.

Considering the temporary distance and the uncertainties related to the path of the disturbed currents, we do not rule out that there may be some in the next few days. UpdatesBad weather that could significantly affect other sectors than what appears to be relevant to current data.

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There is a risk of heavy thunderstorms with hail from the north from Tuesday, June 7There is a risk of heavy thunderstorms with hail from the north from Tuesday, June 7