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Because the Super Bowl is worth four times more than the Champions League

Because the Super Bowl is worth four times more than the Champions League

In the United State Everything is now ready for what it represents Sports event of the year: The national final of the famous American football championship powerwhich will be held in Las vigas Tomorrow between San Francisco 49ers any Kansas City Chiefs (In Italy it can be seen on DAZN and Italia 1 starting at 00.15).

for every rotation H TV audience Globally power This is the case with the end from Champions League The event is European more Important In the world of global sports among people with Cadenza annual (Hence the matches world Cup Or the gods Europeans Follower Olympic Games For example).

And in this particular context it is always interesting Comparing I am because Events Taking into consideration right Elements big differentiation:

  • The first is that soccer that it sports Most popular in the worldwhile the Footballit is still pure practice Americanno matter how much expansion Farther than I am the border Americans with an increasing number of matches in Europe (in 2025 the first historic non-football match at the Santiago BernabĂ©u in Madrid, Spain) And from 2024 Also in Brazil.
  • The second thing that can balance the first mentioned element is that United State I his mom Sola Therefore, the final of one of the most played sports affects everyone village. final for Champions League Instead he faces teams of the highest level Two countries Different with the inevitable drop to interest In non-participating countries.

Similar audience, different incitement

However, this statement can be entered into Preparation It can be noted that in terms of the average global audience (linked to the numbers of the last edition in 2023), Events They are more or less similar, both around 150 million From spectators on the level world. However, what may seem like a tie in numbers is actually not the case.

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Firstly, because as we said soccer It is a sport that is usually more followed than soccer Americano On this planet (already in Canadaespecially in French-speaking Quebec, there are people They don't know the rules). Just think for example that Monday Finalists From the last Champions League, Inter H Manchester cityit adds approx 60 million From followers on Instagram (Inter for 10 million, City for 50 million) while 49ers H Heads Together their total 7 million On the same social network.
Secondly, because it is final Champions League It is played in European Saturday eveningwhich is a very convenient day and time for different time zones, especially North American regions.

I power On the contrary, it is played Sunday evening in the United States If such a year is held in the western part of the country, then It melted hours It's a lot complicated For those parts of the planet that are the American parts, from north to south. Since then in Europe It is late at night between Sunday and Monday, and in Asian countries it is mid-morning on a work day.

letter Different Instead, one should instead do their best in regards to it Induced Cheap relative to the host city, Las vigas to power From tomorrow and Istanbul to the end from Champions League 2023. In fact, if that is expected for a city Nevada The effect can be estimated by $1.1 billionAs for the Navy located on the Bosphorus Strait, the economic impact amounted to about 80 million euros according to one of them Study by Mastercard and BBVA. For others this year the cost of a ticket The highest in the history of this match.
However, it must be said that Cost of living In US cities (which are inevitably the basis for the highly inflated prices for hotels or restaurants during the Super Bowl) they tend to be very severe. Alto. in Europe However, the cost of living can vary significantly depending on the country, and the gap in relevant industries would likely be smaller had the 2023 final been played in London Organic Agriculture Pariswhere the cost of living is much higher.

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The NFL deserves four-time champions

Go into more detail gap Become huge Regarding revenues From all Competition Considering the NFL costs approx 12 billion dollars (about 11 billion euros) instead Champions League European slightly less 2.8 billion euros With a rotation of approx Four times less. Even when it comes to the clubs' minimum revenues, there is no match: one a team from NFL At least in cash $372 million in season Participation in the US Championship. Instead a European club participates in Champions League at least 25 million From the euro.

Less obvious, but still significant, is the gap in revenue from television rights around the world. The voice for which NFL camel $3.4 billion And the Champions League 2.4 billion Euro, which is also one of the reasons why teams participating in the major European football competition receive much lower minimum benefits NFL.

The following is a summary table of elements related to the comparison:

UEFA between the Premier League and the new champions

Obviously, without wanting to side with anyone, this gap Economic performance fuel i Doubts If it is management Champions League By UEFA it is optimized. It is not surprising in this context, especially after the ruling issued by the Court of Justice of the European Union, that A22 Continue your fight to launch Super alloy. So much so, as revealed Football and finance With the international scoop reported by major Italian and European newspapers, the Premier League itself is considering making it UEFA sued for at least $4 billion.

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Moreover, it is no coincidence that particular reference is made in administrative/sporting circles to A modelAnd not in the sense appearance Of competition but specifically building Who is he with? organized I European footballwhich will not allow you to do so Exploit All at best a job.

in PracticeIt is rumored that the “political” nature of UEFA must take into account many factors such as the acting From different ones Federationseven the smallest, and in this context I am Mechanisms to appreciation Follower administration Often it is not simply dictated Economic results As in the company, but you must take into account diverse last Variables more Institutional Of those related to the results. to'The final resultwhich is typical for intermediary bodies such as organizations of various federations, is that it is often Economic performance is lower.

In this sense it will be interesting Find out if it's new Champions League Based on model Swiss Which will come into effect from 2024/25will satisfy the growing Seven to money a lot Community Europeans. Or if the attack is on Super alloy He will be able to bring it himself Effects H modify For all eternity International football scenario.