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Avian flu, WHO: “Patient in US may have been directly infected by cows”

Avian flu, WHO: “Patient in US may have been directly infected by cows”

The first concrete and important point in the news is about the avian influenza A/H5N1 virus, which in recent days has infected a person in Texas, USA, who tested positive for the current H5n1 strain. The World Health Organization (WHO), in fact, says in a note that the American patient “may have been directly infected by cows.” […]

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There is a first constant and important point in the news about fever the bird In recent days, from the A/H5N1 virus America To attack a person, inside TexasTest positive than existing H5n1 strain. l'World Health Organization (WHO), in fact, informs in a note that the American patient “He might be infected Directly from sick cowsNot from infected birds, as initially thought. Positive cases were detected in several farms in six states. “It seems First human infection From an A/H5N1 virus derived from contact with A Affected mammal“, the WHO continues, however confirming its risk assessment Low For the general population, occupationally exposed populations are low to moderate “because the virus has not acquired facilitating mutations. Exchange between humans“.

And in this case I Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Cdc) Americans say the A/H5N1 avian influenza virus that infected humans in Texas has a mutation. Viral adaptation to mammals. However, this finding still does not change the assessment of residual risk Basso. Also, the pathogen remains the same as it was diagnosed in dairy cows in Texas. However, it presents a Mutation “Related to mammalian adaptation – CDC continues – because it enhances the ability of mammalian cells to replicate”. A mutation that's not new: it's happened before Identified In other people and infected mammals. And it does not affect the ability of the virus will be smuggled From man to man.

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The situation remains the same monitored. To date, cases have been reported in cattle 15 farms In six US states: Idaho (1), Kansas (3), Michigan (1), New Mexico (2), Ohio (1) e Texas (7) American officials have said that it has been intensified monitoring And follow carefully workers That they could be Contact with infected animalsThe results of the analyzes on the virus have already been shared Scientific community. Meanwhile, the US Department of Agriculture has released fag Aimed at the world of breeders. Purpose: To invite warning Animal management, intensification of activities Biosafety and controls travel. One of the signs in cattle that should raise suspicion decrease Sudden changes in milk production or density, loss of appetite, Contradictions in stool, laziness e fever. Symptoms occurring more frequently in specimens Old.